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Tony Abbott has made asylum seekers a touchstone for the success or failure of his government. The government has staked its credibility on its efforts to “stop the boats”, sending hundreds of asylum seekers to offshore detention on Nauru and Manus Island, and stopping the grant of any new refugee visas until it can re-introduce Temporary Protection Visas in mid-2014. There seems no low to which Abbott and Immigration Minister Scott Morrison will not stoop.

Get involved in the refugee rights movement in your city


Refugee Action Coalition meets 6pm Mondays, at the NSW Teachers Federation, 23-33 Mary St Surry Hills (between Reservoir and Albion Sts). Dates of upcoming meetings at this link

Visit for regular updates on refugee policy, the crisis inside detention and refugee movement protests and events or “like” the Facebook page

Sydney Uni Anti Racism Collective meets every week on campus at Sydney Uni to build the refugee campaign. Visit them on Facebook or call Marijke on 0452 192 659

UTS Anti-Racism Club is active on campus building the fight for refugee rights. Visit them on Facebook or call Amy on 0430 554 263


Contact Refugee Action Collective on Facebook or at

Campus Refugee Rights Collective Melbourne Uni meets on campus. Check them out on Facebook or call Jasmine on 0405 317 787.


Contact Refugee Action Collective. Ph 3392 3843 or


Refugee Rights Action Network

Vist for info

For recent articles on refugees from Solidarity see here


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