Climate change

Dutton’s nuclear push intended to delay climate action

The Coalition’s Peter Dutton has launched a push for nuclear power. The move is a product of hostility to any serious increase in renewable energy.

Gomeroi win in the Federal Court: now kill off gas in the Pilliga

Gomeroi people have won a stunning legal victory over gas giant Santos, as the Federal Court upheld an appeal against a Native Title Tribunal ruling from December 2022.

Labor extending the life of coal and gas amid climate emergency

The NSW Labor government is set to lock in more pollution through extending the life of Eraring, the country’s largest coal-fired power station.

World leaders at COP28 still on course for climate catastrophe

Despite the overwhelming evidence that serious action is urgently needed to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis, 2023’s UN climate summit COP28 provided nothing in the way of solutions.

Labor still expanding fossil fuels as world heads for ‘hellish’ heating

A stark warning from the UN has revealed the world is on track for a “hellish” three degrees of warming this century.

Unions stand up to right-wing campaign against offshore wind

Right-wing groups are mobilising against offshore wind projects, holding rallies in Wollongong and Port Stephens on the NSW coast against plans for nearby projects.

Movement for climate action can’t ignore union concerns over jobs

The climate movement also needs to take seriously the need for a just transition for fossil fuel workers and their communities.

Labor’s coal expansion fuels climate breakdown

“Climate breakdown has begun,” the UN’s Antonio Guterres has declared, after the world’s hottest three months on record.

Unions step up support for Gomeroi against Santos gas project

Over 200 trade unionists and supporters joined a “rally and road trip” in the Pilliga in north-west NSW on 12 August, supporting Gomeroi in their fight against Santos’ Pilliga-Narrabri gas project.

Workers left exposed as fires and extreme heat circle the globe

Heatwaves and wildfires have been raging across the northern hemisphere. July was the hottest month ever recorded.

Renewable rollout faltering due to reliance on free market funding

There are increasing warnings that Australia’s renewable energy rollout is stalling. This puts even the chance of reaching the hopeless emissions target of the Albanese government at risk.

Can degrowth save the planet?

The idea of degrowth recognises capitalism’s destructive nature, argues Martin Empson, but ends up looking for solutions within capitalism rather than looking to overthrow it.

Climate quitting won’t stop the fossil fuel companies

Amid the accounts of climate breakdown recently, the story of energy workers “climate quitting” as a form of dissent to the complicity of their employers in the climate crisis has emerged.

Governments back fossil fuel criminals with attack on right to protest

Governments across the country are targeting climate activists with draconian anti-protest laws, at a time when climate protest is desperately needed.

Labor approves new coal mines and carbon bomb in Beetaloo

One year since their election Labor’s claim they would “end the climate wars” has been exposed as cover for supporting fossil fuel expansion at an alarming rate.

Why the offsets scam feeds climate catastrophe

James Supple examines why carbon offsets are a climate disaster that don’t genuinely reduce emissions—and why Labor is so committed to them

Safeguards deal still won’t deliver cuts to emissions

The Greens and Labor have struck a deal to pass the climate Safeguard Mechanism bill. While this may restrict the number of new coal and gas projects, it won’t reduce actual emissions—and is a disaster for the climate.

Labor’s new climate plan only safeguards fossil fuels

The Albanese government wants to force changes to the climate Safeguard Mechanism through parliament by 31 March.

Racist native title system approves Santos’ destruction of Gomeroi land

On 19 December last year, President John Dowsett from the national Native Title Tribunal shamefully ruled in favour of gas giant Santos against Gomeroi native title applicants.

Labor’s price caps won’t stop further power bill shock or mining profits

Anthony Albanese has trumpeted Labor’s efforts to cap coal and gas prices as a solution to soaring power bills.

Labor’s announces details of sham offsets scheme for companies

Labor will allow coal, gas and other companies to buy their way out of cutting emissions, allowing unlimited use of offsets under newly released details of its “Safeguards Mechanism”.

Right to protest under attack as jail sentence for climate protester Violet Coco sparks outcry

The 15-month jail sentence handed to climate protester Violet Coco in Sydney in December has drawn outrage.

Climate: we can unite direct action with mass mobilisation

The “We Quit” declaration by Extinction Rebellion in Britain that it will step back from disruptive, direct action to build a 100,000-strong rally has ignited a debate about the best approach to fighting climate change.

Labor’s climate con job covers up fossil fuel expansion

Labor’s climate strategy revolves around obfuscation and excuses for a massive expansion of fossil fuel production in Australia.

Should we blow up pipelines? Civil disobedience, workers and the climate movement

Andreas Malm’s provocative book How to blow up a pipeline argues that the climate movement needs to escalate. But is no help on how to do so, argues James Supple

World heads for climate disaster as COP27 brings more broken promises

The world is on a “highway to hell”, the UN’s Antonio Guterres warned as world leaders began gathering at the COP27 climate talks.

Union tour pledges support for Gomeroi fight against Pilliga gas project

A delegation of 50 trade union officials and rank-and-file members visited the Pilliga Forest on 6 November, to hear first-hand from Gomeroi leaders about their struggle against the Santos Pilliga/Narrabri gas project.

Extinction Rebellion protests expose SA Labor climate hypocrisy

Extinction Rebellion (XR) has disrupted the fossil fuel industry and its cosy relationship with the South Australian Labor government.

Setbacks for Origin and Santos show the gas attack can be beaten

Anthony Albanese’s Labor government remains committed to expanding new fossil fuel projects. But a series of recent wins show this can be stopped.

Labor’s plan on industry emissions to depend on dodgy offset schemes

Oil and gas companies are demanding government handouts and the ability to buy their way out of cutting emissions by using dodgy offsets under a new Labor government climate scheme.

Queensland backs publicly-owned renewables and job guarantees for workers

The Queensland government has announced plans to boost public investment in renewable energy, as well as a job security guarantee for workers affected by coal power station closures.

Labor backs fossil fuels as new gas and coal projects get the go ahead

Even after pushing its 43 per cent climate target through parliament, the new Labor government has made it clear that it’s still open season for gas and coal projects.

Labor backs fossil fuel companies’ carbon capture scam

Despite their talk of climate action, the Labor government has approved two new offshore areas for Carbon Capture and Storage projects.

One third of Pakistan under water as climate disaster brings extreme flooding

Extreme flooding has devastated Pakistan after ten consecutive weeks of heavy rainfall.

Offsets scam means Labor’s climate target even worse than it looks

Labor's weak 43 per cent climate target relies on massive use of dodgy offsets, where companies can simply buy their way out of making cuts to emissions.

Deals in parliament won’t deliver the climate action we need

Labor’s pathetic climate target of 43 per cent reduction in emissions by 2030 is set to pass federal parliament with The Greens’ support.

Capitalism and the climate crisis—Why it’s socialism or extinction

A new book explains why it will take a revolution to force the action needed to halt the climate crisis—and how we can win one, explains Maeve Larkins

Stop the NSW police crackdown on protest—solidarity with Blockade Australia

A police crackdown on climate activists linked to Blockade Australia has seen over 35 people arrested in a fortnight.

Labor wants the energy market profiteers to deliver renewables transition

The energy market chaos and soaring power bills boost the case for a rapid transition to renewable energy.

Voters backed climate action, but Labor’s still pushing Morrison’s gas expansion

The federal election result was a cry for climate action.

Gas, coal and energy market profits—why our power system’s in crisis

The east coast of Australia is gripped in an energy crisis that will likely take years to solve. Ordinary people will pay the price through their gas and electricity bills.

Power market failure—re-nationalise now and build public renewables

The energy system has gone into meltdown in a market failure of massive proportions.

Morrison a climate criminal, but Labor still backing coal and gas expansion

The Coalition are climate criminals. Yet while Labor does have better climate policy, it has not sought to highlight this during the campaign.

Gas export giants make billions but pay no tax

Offshore gas companies are fleecing Australian taxpayers, making massive profits while paying practically nothing under the government’s Petroleum Resource Rent Tax (PRRT).

Right to protest under attack in NSW as new laws threaten two years’ jail

New laws in NSW rushed through on 1 April are an appalling attempt to criminalise activism and protest at a time when it is deeply needed.

Morrison still pushing to expand gas and fossil fuels

Putin’s war in Ukraine has driven up the price of Australian coal and gas. Despite the shift beginning around to world to renewables there are still enormous profits to be made.

Cannon-Brookes and green capitalists won’t save us

Massive energy company AGL has declined an $8 billion takeover bid from tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes and Canadian investment fund Brookfield.

Gomeroi reject agreement with Santos—step up the fight against the Pilliga coal-seam gas project

In a historic vote, Gomeroi people overwhelmingly rejected an agreement proposed by gas giant Santos at a Native Title meeting in Tamworth yesterday.

Floods show deadly climate disasters already here

The massive floods that have hit Queensland and NSW show that climate change is a deadly threat.

Morrison and Santos drive gas-fired dispossession and climate disaster

Australian oil and gas giant Santos has applied to the Native Title Tribunal to impose its Narrabri coal-seam gas project against consistent opposition from Gomeroi traditional owners.

Labor’s ‘green’ plan for Kurri Kurri plant still a climate disaster

Labor has announced it will now support Morrison’s plan for the construction of a new gas-fired power station in Kurri Kurri, saying a Labor government would convert it to run on green hydrogen.

Capitalism’s war against nature

Sarah Thorne talked to Jeff Sparrow about his new book Crimes against nature: Capitalism and global heating, an indictment of capitalism’s role in the climate crisis

A history of anti-nuclear resistance from mining to missiles

Opposition to the nuclear industry in Australia has managed to hold back its expansion—including through union action to ban uranium, explains Joshua Look

Climate action and the election—Backing Liberal-lite independents not the answer

Independents are campaigning in a series of Liberal heartland seats targeting Morrison’s failure on climate change. Caitlin Doyle explains why they’re not the answer we need

Labor’s climate plan aims to please the bosses

Labor’s new climate policy is nowhere near what’s needed to stop dangerous climate change.

Morrison lies as the planet dies—drive him out

Scott Morrison’s approval rating has hit its lowest point since the 2020 bushfires in the wake of his humiliating trip to Glasgow for the COP26 climate summit.

COP26 failure shows why we need system change

World leaders promoted the Glasgow COP26 summit as a “last chance” to hold warming to the 1.5 degree limit agreed at the Paris summit in 2015. Yet it has ended in failure.

Morrison’s climate plan a fraud—fight to fund urgent transition and jobs

Scott Morrison’s new climate plan is a total fraud. Morrison has finally announced support for the net zero by 2050 target but produced no new funding or policies to get there.

Morrison still among world’s worst climate criminals as COP26 summit looms

Scott Morrison had to be shamed into even attending the COP26 summit in Glasgow.

Why COP26 won’t solve the climate crisis

Martin Empson explains what COP26 is and why global summits have a history of failure to take the action on climate change that’s needed, in an extract from his new pamphlet The Great Climate COP Out

Liberals want to rewrite energy rules to boost coal power

Energy Minister Angus Taylor wants new rules for the energy system that would pay coal and gas power plants more so they can stay open longer.

Earth’s climate on edge of the abyss, warns IPCC report

The new IPCC report is a drastic warning to the world to avoid uncontrollable heating.

Fires, floods and extreme weather lash Europe, America and China

Record-breaking floods, fires and heat waves have swept North America, China and Europe.

New report shows massive jobs and energy potential of offshore wind

A new report has shown the enormous potential of offshore wind in Australia to provide jobs and vast amounts of energy.

Queensland to invest $2 billion in renewables—but not in publicly-owned power

In June Queensland’s Labor Government announced a renewable energy and hydrogen jobs fund with up to $2 billion for government investments. But while welcome, the funding boost doesn’t mandate government ownership of renewable energy projects.

Unions, students and the community reject Morrison’s $600 million Kurri Kurri gas plant

Opposition is growing to Scott Morrison’s $600 million plan for a new gas plant at Kurri Kurri in NSW.

Morrison funding spree promotes more gas and fossil fuels

The Federal Budget was silent on climate jobs, environmental protection, or climate action. Instead, the Morrison government has decided to throw more public money at carbon intensive industries.

Are world leaders finally acting on climate change?

Recent pledges from Joe Biden and other wealthy nations suggest deep emissions cuts are on the way. But they go nowhere near what’s needed argues James Supple

Busting Morrison’s myth: Why gas is not a transition fuel

In announcing a power deal with South Australia in April, Morrison claimed that supporting renewables also requires “getting more gas into the market”.

Labor’s climate cowardice shows need for stronger movement

Labor is moving away from action on climate change, stepping up its support for the fossil fuel industry

Yallourn closure’s threat to jobs shows need for publicly-run power

The announcement that the closure of the Yallourn power station has been brought forward by four years to 2028 is another nail in the coffin for coal-fired energy.

Attenborough’s ‘A life on our planet’ is no guide for climate action

Focusing on his extraordinary career documenting the natural world from 1954 to the present day, David Attenborough’s Netflix documentary A life on our planet...

CFMMEU split a diversion from fight for a just transition

A major left-wing union, the CFMMEU, is in turmoil, with its mining division looking to split away. Tom Orsag argues why demerger won't help win the fight for a just transition.

Morrison’s plan driving gas-fired climate catastrophe

Gas giant Santos’ Narrabri coal seam gas project in northwest NSW is a key flashpoint for the climate justice struggle.

As Morrison backs fossil fuels, is the world finally acting on climate?

Scott Morrison’s pathetic failure to act on climate change has left him increasingly isolated globally.

Workers left behind in NSW Liberals’ energy plan—keep fighting for public renewables

The NSW Liberals' renewable energy plan rests on corporate investment and does nothing to secure the jobs of workers in fossil fuel industries.

Santos gas project goes ahead in climate disaster

The Narrabri gas project in northwest NSW’s Pilliga region has been approved by the NSW Independent Planning Commission, despite widespread opposition amongst scientists, environmentalists, traditional owners and local farmers.

Morrison’s gas plans designed to paint climate action as a threat to jobs

In a series of energy announcements, the Morrison government has doubled down on its climate denialism and thrown its support behind a “gas-fired recovery”.

Morrison backs gas expansion in show of contempt for climate

Scott Morrison is doubling down on fossil fuels in the face of climate disaster, backing more gas mining as a path out the COVID-19 crisis.

Coalition’s new climate policy a roadmap to nowhere

As the triple crises in health, the economy and the climate rage on, the Coalition government continues to subsidise fossil fuel projects and avoid...

Solving the jobs and climate crises together

Penny Howard looks at the proposals to create hundreds of thousands of jobs through government stimulus that addresses climate change, and how we can win them

Marx, ecology and industrial agriculture

British climate activist and socialist Martin Empson writes on why the fight against climate change must be a fight for system change and for socialism

Editorial: Morrison still pushing coal and gas despite climate disaster

Morrison may have adjusted his language over climate change, but, he continues his push to expand fossil fuel use.

Morrison backs NSW fossil fuel expansion as the planet burns

Scott Morrison and the NSW Liberals have agreed to ramp up fossil fuel use through a fresh expansion of gas and coal production.

Zali Steggall’s climate bill is a step backwards

Independent MP Zali Steggall has presented her new climate bill as a way to break the deadlock on climate action. But it avoids the key question of what policies we need to cut emissions—and so will get us nowhere.

How Germany phased out coal—without sacking workers

While Australia plans to open new coal mines, Germany is in the process of closing down its mining sector.

Uni staff plan for month of Climate Strikes in May

Two major strikes in May will see unions and students out in force for climate action. Last year School Strike for Climate brought 350,000 to the streets on 20 September.

Why capitalism can’t act on the climate crisis

The competitive drive structured into capitalism prevents the rich and powerful from acting on the climate crisis, argues Feiyi Zhang

Smug Scomo left Australia to burn—step up the demands to fund renewables and action on climate

Scott Morrison has been badly damaged by his response to the bushfire crisis, after weeks of refusing to act.

Capitalism and the rich create climate catastrophe

We are in a climate emergency. Australia’s bushfire crisis has brought this home to millions of people.

Workers and toxic smoke: ‘People’s health has got to come before the dollar’ says Sydney port worker

Solidarity’s Erima Dall talked to Justin Timmins, the safety committee rep at DP World at Port Botany in Sydney, about their fight to avoid unsafe working conditions.

COP25 climate talks: World leaders fiddle as the Earth burns

Global climate talks in Madrid ended without agreement in December, demonstrating starkly that official politics has no answer to the climate crisis.

Climate disasters—how governments and the rich leave workers and the poor to die

The bushfire crisis has shown the desperate need for disaster assistance in the face of climate change. But the official response can highlight the class divide writes Ruby Wawn

Bushfire crisis exposes out of touch Morrison—fight to force him out

The unprecedented bushfire crisis has exposed Scott Morrison as out of touch, and incapable of tackling either the immediate crisis or the climate emergency behind it.

Climate change is a health hazard—Stop work action over toxic smoke shows how to fight

Air pollution and smoke has blanketed Sydney for days, as bushfires burn across the state. Up to 100 workers at Port Botany refused to work as smoke reached hazardous levels last Thursday.

Climate jobs and funding needed to tackle bushfire crisis—but Morrison’s in denial

Scott Morrison and the Coalition are desperate to shut down discussion of the link between the fires and climate change.

As climate change melts the Arctic, all oil companies see are new chances for profit

Trump is moving to sell off leases over 1.6 million acres of the Arctic, opening the area up to oil and gas exploration for the first time.

Cops crackdown on Extinction Rebellion—defend the right to protest

Extinction Rebellion actions blocking traffic and producing dozens of arrests have ignited a media backlash. Police have launched a major crackdown.

Replace Liddell with renewable energy—no extensions for coal

The ageing Liddell coal power station is at the heart of a battle over the future of energy generation in Australia.

Sydney Uni students’ Climate Strike success

Around 2200 students and staff from the University of Sydney marched to join the Climate Strike on 20 September. This was the largest student mobilisation for the strike in the country and the biggest student rally at the university in the last decade.

Unions back climate strike for jobs and secure future

The union turnout on 20 September was a crucial step towards putting jobs and workers’ rights at the centre of the climate fight.

Why green business can’t solve climate change

The trillions invested in fossil fuels and the cost of shifting to alternatives economy-wide means green business cannot solve the climate crisis, writes Lachlan Marshall

Build the Climate Rebellion: Back the fight of Melbourne’s train and tram workers

Jobs in public transport are exactly the kind of green jobs we need to avert climate catastrophe. The fight to defend wages and conditions for tram and train workers is a climate fight that we can and should be a part of.

Australian neo-colonialism and the climate crisis in the Pacific

The Australian government’s performance at the Pacific Island Forum laid bare a ruthless agenda of regional domination and profit making at all costs.

Shipyard workers occupy for climate jobs

An ongoing struggle in Belfast has seen militant workers at the Harland and Wolff shipyard call for re-nationalisation of the site and jobs in renewable energy.

Why 100 per cent renewable energy requires public ownership

Penny Howard argues that public spending and ownership are the only way to ensure a rapid transition to 100 per cent renewable energy—and to protect workers’ jobs

Climate rebellion, civil disobedience and system change

Civil disobedience can strengthen the campaign for climate action, but on its own it lacks the power to bring fundamental change, writes James Supple

As the climate crisis accelerates, strike back on 20 September

The climate crisis is rapidly accelerating. July was the hottest month since records began. This is leading to a new wave of climate activism.

Marxism and ecology

Karl Marx argued that capitalism was a system that distorts humanity’s relationship to the environment

Lessons from the last climate movement

A large grassroots climate movement emerged from 2008—but the decision to defend the carbon tax sent it into decline, writes Chris Breen

Workers and unions organise to join September’s Climate Strike

Unionists are gearing up to join the next Strike for Climate on 20 September.

NT government declares open season for gas fracking

Fracking is set to resume in the Northern Territory, with the Territory government finalising a Code of Practice for gas companies.

Coalition backs funding for coal and gas power

Since their re-election, the Coalition has made it clear there will be no change to their useless climate policies.

Fighting for climate jobs, pay and union rights

New jobs in renewable energy and low emissions industries need to be well-paid and unionised if workers are going to welcome them as an alternative writes Penny Howard

Election result shows why climate action must mean a fight for jobs

The election result was a heavy blow that has left many supporters of climate action reeling.

Extinction rebellion manifesto—How do we build a climate movement that wins?

Extinction Rebellion founder, Roger Hallam, has published his ideas on how to build a movement that can win real change. Sadie Robinson responds

Winning a 100 per cent renewable revolution

The transition to 100 per cent renewable energy could happen by 2030, writes Chris Breen, but will require far more ambition than either Labor, let alone the Liberals, will muster

Putting government investment in renewables on the agenda

The most straightforward way to begin cutting emissions is to replace all the coal and gas-fired power stations with renewable energy.

Climate campaign must fight for jobs, not just target Adani

The Adani mine should be stopped. But there is a big gap between Stop Adani and the kind of platform of demands we need to stop runaway climate change.

Capitalism vs the climate: Why we need system change

The action needed to avert climate catastrophe means fighting the logic of capitalism and profit, argues James Supple

System change not climate change: Solidarity student statement

To win real climate action we will need a movement with the right demands with the power of the working class at its heart.

Corporate irrigation profits drain towns and rivers of life

Towns are running out of water and fish are dying in alarming numbers in Western NSW, providing a glimpse of what is at stake as the climate crisis drives temperatures to record levels.

Climate strike organiser: ‘the politicians aren’t listening’

Solidarity spoke to Vivienne Paduch, a Year 10 student at Manly Selective School and one of the organisers of Sydney’s Strike for Climate last year about why students have called a second Climate Strike.

Demand government investment in renewables

To have any hope of a transition to a zero carbon economy, we need a climate movement built around real demands for green jobs now, for direct government investment in 100 per cent renewable energy, and for an end to all new coal and gas.

Climate striker: we need support from unions to build the movement’s power

Sydney School Strike 4 Climate activist Aisheeya Huq spoke to a meeting of National Tertiary Education Union members last week. We reprint part of her speech.

Stop Adani, funding for renewables and green jobs now

Thousands joined the school student strike for climate on 30 November. “If you were doing your job properly, we wouldn’t be here,” Deanna Athanosos,...

Radical solutions needed to save the planet from climate chaos

Climate scientists have warned that global temperature increases must be kept to 1.5 degrees to avoid catastrophic consequences.

Turnbull’s power plan won’t cut bills or help the climate

The Turnbull government’s new energy plan, the National Energy Guarantee, is simply an effort to keep coal plants operating as long as possible.

Liberals work to resuscitate dying coal plant at Liddell

The Turnbull government in so committed to coal power that it wants to extend the life of the decrepit Liddell power station.

Turnbull abandons climate action to entrench coal power

Turnbull’s energy plan will entrench coal and delay the shift to renewable energy—while delivering next to nothing to cut power bills.

Market failure: coal plants, power prices and privatisation

Privatisation is responsible for the crisis in the power industry, writes Chris Breen

Trump abandons climate deal as world dithers on action

Donald Trump’s decision to quit the Paris climate treaty has been condemned worldwide. It means one of the world’s two largest carbon polluters has abandoned the global effort to tackle climate change.

Fossil fuelled capitalism pushing Earth system into unknown

Ian Angus’ new book Facing the Anthropocene will aid anyone who wants to fight governments that put profit before planet. It will serve as an introduction for many activists to the scientific concept of the Anthropocene—a new geological era that has no analogue in the Earth’s history.

Turnbull takes up Abbott’s attack on renewable energy

Malcolm Turnbull has not just adopted Abbott’s policies on climate change, he is taking them further, as his government wages war on renewable energy in the wake of the September state-wide blackout in South Australia.

NSW cracks down on mining protests

The Baird Government in NSW is working overtime to clear the way for unfettered expansion of fossil fuel mining, introducing serious new penalties, including a potential of seven years in prison, for protestors disrupting mining or fracking operations and new police powers that could be used to crack down on demonstrations across NSW.

There’s no Cowspiracy—fossil fuels are the main climate threat

Al Gore has gone vegan and actor Leonardo Di Caprio has thrown his name behind a new film, Cowspiracy, which suggests that all we have to do to stop climate change is stop eating meat. Is that really all there is to it?

Paris agreement pledges nothing for the climate

The media hailed the Paris climate conference as delivering an “historic” global agreement. But there is nothing to celebrate. The agreement is a sham.

Klein film foregrounds fight for the climate, but skirts what we’re up against

This Changes Everything was screened around the world in the lead up to December’s climate summit in Paris to promote the People’s Climate March. The focus of the film is the front-line struggles around the world against fossil fuel expansion and exploitation.

Why climate action means challenging capitalism

Tackling climate change through a rapid transition to renewable energy is perfectly feasible, but corporate interests are determined to frustrate action, writes Erima Dall

Trading our way to disaster on carbon

Labor is again proposing a price on carbon as the centrepiece of its climate policy. The unpopularity of the carbon tax experiment means they...

Deja vu on climate: Labor’s only promise on renewables is emissions trading

One of the big announcements at Labor’s National Conference was the plan for 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030. But the devil is in the detail—and the devil here is that there is no detail.

Abbott’s climate inaction on display—but emissions trading no alternative

Tony Abbott’s contempt for climate change has again been on display over the efforts to lower the Renewable Energy Target. Meanwhile, with his Direct Action policy is underway, it continues to be widely, and rightly, derided.

Don’t let Abbott slash renewable energy target

Tony Abbott is coming after renewable energy, with plans to junk the Renewable Energy Target (RET).

Evidence shows carbon tax was worse than useless

The carbon tax is now history. But there is nothing to mourn in its passing.

Morwell coal fire puts lives and climate at risk

For more than eight weeks, the fire at the Hazelwood open-cut coal mine in Victoria spewed toxic smoke and ash across Morwell. Meanwhile the state Liberals and the company that own the mine, GDF Suez, spewed out deception and denial.

Liberals slash while Australia burns

The bushfire season began shockingly early this year. This is exactly what climate scientists are telling us to expect as the climate warms. And now in another devastating climate tragedy, 10,000 people have been killed by Tyhphon Haiyan in the Phillipines.

Time to fight for renewables, not carbon tax

Tony Abbott is taking every opportunity to cast doubt on climate change. He called attempts to link climate change and the NSW bush fires “complete hogwash” and said that Christiana Figueres, the head of the UN’s climate change negotiations, was “talking through her hat” when she did so.

Fighting Abbott’s climate denial: why we shouldn’t defend the carbon tax

Tony Abbott says repealing the carbon tax will be his “first order of business” in the new parliament. Labor and the Greens have said...

Has the carbon tax cut emissions?

The Greens claim the carbon tax has reduced emissions by over 8 per cent since it came into effect. The most recent government figures do...

Community campaign challenging East West tunnel plan

A community campaign is fighting the Victorian Liberal government’s planned East West toll link tunnel. The multi-lane road tunnel will cost $6-8 billion...

Wild weather summer exposes Labor’s climate crimes

Wild weather around Australia this summer has put the reality of climate change into sharp relief. The whole country was caught in the grip...

Gillard fiddles while Australia burns

With a new record-breaking heat wave producing catastrophic fires across the country, why is there so little discussion about climate change? The severity of the...

Catastrophic fires—pathetic climate policies the elephant in the room

With a new record-breaking heat wave producing catastrophic fires across the country, why is there so little discussion about climate change? The severity of the...

Coal plants closing, but no thanks to the carbon tax

The record-breaking “Frankenstorm” Hurricane Sandy, which wrecked a trail of destruction from Cuba and Haiti to New York, has shown again that climate change...

Labor’s carbon tax is good for nothing, except Abbott

The introduction of the carbon tax has proven what was obvious from the beginning—that ordinary people, not big business, will be paying for a...

Carbon tax: Help or hindrance in stopping Abbott?

Solidarity distributed this leaflet at the 2012 national Climate Action Summit, held this weekend in Sydney Support for the carbon tax has damaged the climate...

They all admit it: the carbon tax means gas

The carbon tax is law. This is Gillard Labor’s “historic reform”. Their “dollar float”. According to Treasurer Wayne Swan it is “Labor to the...

Funding a clean energy future?

Labor's carbon price legislation includes the establishment of a Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). The government claims this means $10 billion in funding for...

Guy Pearse’s demolition of carbon tax apologetics

Guy Pearse, a former Liberal staffer turned critic of the influence of big fossil fuel companies, has written a searing critique of the climate...

Coal seam gas: climate disaster brought to you by the carbon tax

The coal seam gas (CSG) industry is rapidly expanding across the country. There are even efforts to drill for CSG in central Sydney. Labor’s...

Carbon tax: offsetting our way to more emissions

Buried in the fine print of Labor’s carbon tax package is the admission that greenhouse gas emissions will keep rising for decades into the...

Debate: should we defend the carbon tax?

The carbon tax has been a subject of much debate on the left and in the trade union movement. We asked NSW Greens MP...

Higher bills not something everyone can afford

Some supporters of the carbon tax have rubbished claims that people can’t afford to pay more for power and other goods. One widely circulated...

Defending carbon tax just helps Abbott

The unveiling of the carbon tax package has produced only the slightest improvement in the government’s support. Labor’s primary vote crept up to 29...

Is the carbon tax the end of dirty coal power?

Labor and the Greens claim the carbon price means the beginning of the end for coal-fired power. But at best we will see a...

Big polluters grab billions in handouts—again

As under the CPRS, the carbon tax contains billions in compensation for business. In total there is $10.3 billion for business over the first...

Claims of billions for renewables are hollow

Labor and The Greens have held up a “massive $13 billion investment in renewable energy” as a key benefit of the carbon tax package....

Carbon tax deal comes at too great a cost

The carbon tax deal struck between Julia Gillard and The Greens has finally been unveiled. Gillard says it will mean a “great clean energy...

Gillard dragged down with the carbon tax

Julia Gillard’s political fortunes are going from bad to worse. Opposition to the carbon tax is clearly a key factor. In late July, Newspoll...

Nuclear contamination at Fukushima still growing

Three months on from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the situation is still worsening. But growing anti-nuclear sentiment worldwide has seen both Germany and Italy...

Carbon price—a cheap way to do nothing on climate change

Labor has used a Productivity Commission report to bolster its push for a carbon price as the best way to cut carbon emissions. But...

Why climate action means challenging capitalism

Amy Thomas looks at why the system is unable to effectively address climate change In 2010, after two decades of scientific consensus that climate change...

Are First World workers to blame for climate change?

Some see workers in developed countries like Australia as too bought off to be allies in the fight for climate action. Jasmine Ali shows...

Green consumerism not what it claims

Review: Green gone wrong By Heather Rodgers, Verso, $39 As concern about environmental problems has become mainstream, a new market niche has emerged. Businesses are now well...

Labor’s useless policies feed Abbott’s rise

Just when you think Julia Gillard could not get any worse, she gets worse. Labor is lurching from crisis to crisis as it tries to...

European emissions trading scam should be a lesson

LABOR IS poised to introduce a carbon price, starting with a tax that will morph into an emissions trading scheme (ETS) within three to...

Carbon tax won’t stop new coal power

Intensive negotiations to determine the final shape of the government’s carbon tax are underway. But it is already clear that the fight to stop new coal...

Deadline set for HRL plant assessment

Victoria’s Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has begun assessing HRL’s plan for a new coal power plant in the state. A decision is expected by...

Unions and the carbon price: trying to sell the unsaleable

“If one job is lost, our support is gone.” This was the condition placed on a carbon tax by right-wing Labor heavyweight and Australian...

Climate movement debates carbon price and strategies for fighting Abbott

This year’s annual Climate Summit, a decision-making conference of Australian climate activists, was split 50/50 over whether to support a carbon price. The final...

Backing tax on workers no way to stop Abbott

Tony Abbott, backed by radio shock jocks, climate deniers and the big polluters lobby, has called for a “people’s revolt” against a carbon tax....

Don’t let HRL and the Liberals get away with new coal power in Victoria

The Environmental Protection Agency is set to decide in mid-April if a proposed HRL coal-fired power station in the Latrobe Valley can go ahead....

Carbon pricing, unions and climate change

Solidarity spoke to James Goodman, National Tertiary Education Union member at UTS, about unions and climate change policy The ACTU had a position where it...

Demanding climate solutions that will work

The Beyond Zero Emissions 2020 Stationary Energy Plan shows one possible plan to transition to 100 per cent renewable energy in Australia. Using only currently...

New carbon price proposal is the CPRS version 2.0

Flanked by Greens Senators Bob Brown and Christine Milne, Julia Gillard announced at a press conference on February 24 that she wants to introduce...

Floods and extreme weather send message on climate

This summer has seen extreme weather events across Australia. Queensland’s devastating floods were followed closely by Cyclone Yasi. Widespread flooding also occurred in Victoria,...

NSW power privatisation: selling our services at any cost

The NSW government’s power sell-off has descended into farce. The second round of “partial privatisation”, expected to raise $2 billion, has fallen through due...

Queensland floods: why will nobody talk about climate change?

JULIA GILLARD, Tony Abbott and Anna Bligh spent much of the Christmas period posing for the cameras in flood-ravaged Queensland. There was plenty of talk...

Power bills skyrocket under market solutions

The scandals over the cost of solar feed-in tariffs reveal the dangers of advocating market solutions to climate change. The NSW government’s Solar Bonus Scheme, a...

Hazelwood CFMEU members demand a say

  The political debate over closing Hazelwood has largely ignored those who actually work there. CFMEU members at Hazelwood held a mass meeting in early November...

Labor prepares another worse than nothing carbon price

Julia Gillard has promised to deliver a carbon price by the end of 2011, saying that there will be “nowhere to hide” from climate change....

New call for movement to break with market solutions

Academics James Goodman and Stuart Rosewarne have delivered a welcome salvo against market-based solutions to climate change. Their new paper, written for Friends of the Earth’s...

Carbon price committee is a trap for The Greens

By establishing a carbon price committee in a post-election deal with Labor, The Greens have sparked hopes that climate action is a step closer....

Climate movement must stop new HRL coal plant

HRL HAS announced that a new coal power station in Victoria is going ahead, after signing a construction contract with a Chinese power company....

Union climate conference—focus on political campaigning needed

Unions in NSW have deepened their engagement with climate issues by hosting a Climate Active conference in September, one of the first of its...

New carbon price committee will get us nowhere

Julia Gillard’s deal with The Greens to establish a parliamentary committee on a carbon price has been hailed as a new chance for serious...

Gillard a clunker, Abbott a denier—we need a climate fight

Abbott told ABC’s Q&A during the election period that the science of climate change is “highly contentious”. Yet Labor’s attempts to play on his...

Sustainable population debate is a dogwhistle

THE ISSUE of population took centre stage in the federal election. Gillard and Abbott blamed immigrants for everything from traffic congestion to climate change. Julia...

Packed out launch hears how zero carbon possible by 2020

A standing room only crowd of around 700 people gathered at Melbourne University in July for the launch of Beyond Zero Emissions’ (BZE) Zero...

Students debate climate politics at SoS

In early July students and activists from across Australia gathered at Flinders University in Adelaide for the annual Students of Sustainability (SoS) conference, a...

Balance of power will challenge Greens

Labor’s slide in the polls has seen substantial numbers of voters move towards The Greens. On current polling, The Greens will win between 12 and...

Solar policy is designed to fail

The federal government revealed the first projects shortlisted for funding under its Solar  Flagships scheme back in May. The scheme provides $1.5 billion over six...

Mobilisation the key to climate fight

Labor has a climate policy basically identical to the Liberals. Rudd's drop in support after junking the CPRS, and the votes heading to The...

Gulf oil spill: seas sacrified for profits

It’s hard to grasp the awesome scale of the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. It is...

It should be clear—there is no future in nuclear

Nuclear power is no solution to climate change, explains Ben Dharmendra The nuclear industry is using the climate crisis to push nuclear power as clean,...

Starting the renewable energy revolution

The shelving of the CPRS until 2013 is a good thing—and not just because the scheme was hopelessly flawed. It means there is now...

Feed-in tariff not the best way to win renewables

Many climate activists, along with The Greens and Electrical Trade Union, are starting to demand feed-in tariffs for renewable energy. Proponents say they are...

Activists say: no more black balloons for NSW

Last month climate activists demonstrated against the NSW government’s coal expansion outside state government offices in Sydney. The action was a response to “concept approval”...

Rudd junks the CPRS: time to show up his climate hypocrisy

Rudd's decision to junk the CPRS shows him up for the kind of politician he is—willing to sacrifice something he once called the “greatest moral...

Population is the wrong target

Arguments that population is to blame for climate change distract from real solutions to environmental problems and only serve to boost racism

Students say climate jobs, not coal

Climate activists gathered outside the office of Peter Batchelor in late March. Batchelor is Victoria’s Minister for Energy and Resources and was due to attend...

Electricity price rises: the cost of making ordinary people pay

Huge electricity price rises in NSW show that Rudd’s CPRS will have more impact on power costs for working people than the government has admitted....

Carbon tax: a distraction from real solutions

This year's national Climate Summit voted to demand a carbon tax during the federal election campaign. Many viewed it as an alternative to Rudd’s useless...

Stopping new coal power key task for movement

The campaign to stop new coal power stations is shaping up as one of the key issues for the climate movement—both in NSW and nationally....

Zero emission possible in ten years

Australia could cut emissions from electricity generation to zero in ten years for $40 billion a year, according to a preview of Beyond Zero Emissions’...

Carbon tax not the solution we need on climate

A carbon tax, proposed by The Greens as an alternative to Rudd's CPRS, would increase power prices for ordinary people, and be just as ineffective in encouraging...

Corporations and climate change

We can’t trust the future of our planet to big business, argues Amy Thomas   On the surface, it seems corporations have changed their attitude to climate...

Invaluable guide to climate science, but not solutions

Review: Storms of my grandchildren By James Hansen, Bloomsbury, $35 Last year James Hansen, one of the world’s best-known climate scientists, was arrested during a protest...

Why the climate movement shouldn’t support the Greens’ carbon tax proposal

The Greens' Proposal The Greens have proposed an interim two year carbon tax, as a transition to carbon trading. Starting at $23 per tonne this...

Rudd gives Abbott space to revive Howard policies

As the politicians prepare for this year’s federal election, Liberal attack dog Tony Abbott has pulled the mainstream political debate to the right. But...

Real alternative to CPRS missing from climate debate

Rudd’s reintroduction of his emissions trading legislation in parliament is a stunt designed to keep the pressure on a divided Liberal Party. His CPRS...

Scandals don’t dent climate science

Recent scandals over evidence in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report of 2007 have been used to cast doubt on the danger...

Why the Copenhagen climate summit failed

The Copenhagen summit was a failure and a betrayal of the world’s people by their leaders. The only outcome was an “accord” which was simply “noted”...

Interview with Clive Spash: Why carbon trading won’t work

Chris Breen spoke to Clive Spash, former CSIRO economist whose controversial paper on carbon trading was censored by CSIRO management about the problems with...

Rudd, the Mad Monk and climate failure

The implosion of the Liberals and the collapse of the CPRS provides a chance to push for real solution to climate change Watching the parliamentary Liberal...

Leaders at Copenhagen won’t save the climate

World leaders are incapable of agreeing to the action necessary to halt dangerous climate change. It is already clear that there will be no deal...

Rudd’s CPRS: worse than useless, worse than ever

With the Senate unable to pass the CPRS, Rudd could be taking his amended scheme to the next election. The deal negotiated by Penny...

Where to for the climate movement?

The climate movement has suffered from a lack of strategy—and needs to focus on the CPRS and public investment in green jobs, argue Chris...

Marx’s ecology

The writings of Karl Marx showed an understanding of capitalism as a system that distorts humanity’s relationship to the environment, writes Jasmine Ali “Let us...

Australia helps undermine international climate deal

The Rudd government claims to be serious about reaching a deal at international climate change negotiations at Copenhagen in December. In late October Rudd...

Greens bill lacks alternative to market solutions

The Greens have gained support for their principled stand on climate change. Their attempt to focus this into a concrete alterative came last month with...

Obsession with market policies dooms renewables

The recent collapse of Solar Systems, the only company in Australia capable of building large-scale solar power stations, has exposed Rudd’s failure to support renewables....

Lessons to learn from local response to Helensburgh climate camp

This year’s NSW Climate Camp provided an important chance for the climate movement to come together to take action and discuss how to strengthen...

Climate change: Why population is not to blame

Amy Thomas traces the history of arguments for population control, and shows why they have no place in the movement to combat climate changeThe...

Rudd negotiates more handouts to polluters

The Rudd government is considering amendments from the Liberals that would further increase handouts to big business under its Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS). The...

Climate campaigners reach out to Hazelwood workers

The “Switch off Hazelwood” campaign organised a public meeting in Victoria’s Latrobe valley, prior to last month’s 500-strong rally at the Hazelwood power plant,...

Market policies killing solar power

Climate negotiations were high on Kevin Rudd’s agenda during his visit to the US for the G20 meeting. Rudd tried to position himself as...

Statement: Population is not to blame for climate change

Open letter to the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) and Labor MP Kelvin Thompson We are shocked and angered that the ACF has supported Labor MP...

Coking coal not the best target for climate movement

The expansion of the coal industry exposes the fraud of Kevin Rudd’s claims that his government is tackling the climate crisis. The likelihood that...

Rudd’s policy the cause of Solar Systems collapse

David Turner, who worked at Solar Systems before its collapse, talked to Solidarity about the lack of government support for the company and the...

Solar systems campaign unites jobs and climate

The campaign to save Solar Systems holds the potential for uniting the fight for jobs and renewable energy. Its factory in Abbotsford, Victoria currently sits...

Rudd’s CPRS no solution to climate change

The failure of the Rudd government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) to pass the Senate in August was no bad thing. The Greens were...

Sydney Uni Environment Collective debates the way forward

Current debates occurring within the Sydney University Environment Collective reflect the tensions in the wider climate movement. A recent proposal to lobby the university into adopting...

Hazelwood protest needs fight for jobs at its centre

Climate change campaigners are organising to protest at Hazelwood power station in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley to highlight the need to transition from coal to...

Guide for climate campaigners reflects movement’s weak points

Review:Climate action By Mark Diesendorf UNSW Press, $34.95 Mark Diesendorf will be well know to many climate activists from his regular speeches for local activist groups...

Blowing Rudd’s green cover in the lead up to Copenhagen

There was much media fanfare about the G8’s decisions on climate change, intended to be a step towards global negotiations in Copenhagen in December. Leaders...

Billions for coal expansion in NSW

Rudd's CPRS has sent the message that big polluting companies can continue business as usual well into the future. The consequences are on display...

A Power Shift: from the grassroots to the government

Lack of political clarity has held back the climate movement’s ability to galvanise opposition to Rudd’s climate policies and mount an effective challenge to...

Climate activists build links with Hazelwood workers

Environment activists at the recent Students of Sustainability conference made a solidarity trip to visit workers on strike at the Hazelwood power station in...

A Plan B for emissions reductions?

Plan B, a program for immediate action to reduce emissions across all sectors of the Australian economy, was recently released by a coalition of...

After changes: CPRS is still worse than nothing

The changes to the Rudd government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS), announced in early May, have shown clearly where the government’s priorities lie. In an...

Environment a loser in the budget

Much has been made of the government’s commitment of $1.5 billion to a ‘Solar Flagships’ program in the budget. The project, spread over six years,...

Climate movement must confront Rudd’s carbon trading challenge

Climate change has moved to the centre of Australian politics, and Rudd Labor’s climate opportunism is graphically on display. Having tried to lure Turnbull’s...

The 1970s anti-uranium campaign

In the face of the failure to take serious action on climate change, we face the challenge of building the kind of movement that can force the government to shift. The 1970s anti-uranium movement provides rich lessons in how to build one.

Climate change–it’s enough to make you sick

Review: Global Warming and the Political Ecology of Health , By Hans Baer and Merrill Singer Left coast press, $49.95 This book traces the likely effects...

Statement on CPRS (emissions trading)

*No compromise with Rudd's flawed scheme. More than ever the CPRS is worse than useless* Recent developments around the Rudd government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme...

Rudd’s carbon plan: the facts

The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) is the Rudd government’s central policy for dealing with climate change. The gap between rhetoric and reality is...

Climate movement needs to target CPRS

Organising groups in all states are preparing for upcoming climate change rallies around World Environment Day, likely to be Saturday June 13. The rallies...

Rudd wants to lock in do-nothing climate plan

Rudd’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS), the government’s key mechanism for addressing climate change, is under fire on all sides. It’s not hard to...

A green new deal to meet capitalism’s crisis

We face two global crises, climate change and economic collapse. The answer to both is climate jobs, or what some have been calling a...

Stopping Rudd’s carbon plan

Solidarity spoke to two leading climate activists, John Hepburn from Greenpeace Australia Pacific and Damien Lawson from the Victorian Climate Action Centre, about the...

Climate summit provides direction for the movement

Over five hundred people, representing 150 different groups active around climate change, took part in the climate action summit in Canberra from January 31...

Fiddling on climate while Victoria burns

The devastating Victorian bushfires should have been a harsh wake up call for Kevin Rudd. While Rudd comforted survivors and promised millions to rebuild...

Solidarity Discussion Paper for 2009 Climate Summit

Only a few years ago mainstream debate on climate change was still focused on debates with climate skeptics about whether the threat was real....

Climate summit a chance to refocus the movement

Late this month the first national summit of climate action groups will be held in Canberra. Only a few years ago mainstream debate on climate...

Do we consume too much energy?

A common response to the climate crisis is to argue for restrictions on individuals’ energy use. As a result some environmental activists have supported...

Governments bicker while time to act runs short

The world may be in great danger, but the annual summit of governments designed to progress a global agreement on climate change did very...

Modeling shows loopholes in emission reductions plan

The Australian government’s proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) is more about profit than planet. When the Treasury modeling on the CPRS was released on...

Movement must take position on carbon trading

The Walk Against Warming rallies this year were smaller that last. This is largely because they had no particular clear demands, and they did...

Unions and the fight for the environment

In the 1970s the Builders Labourers’ Federation led inspiring struggles in defence of the natural environment. Emma Torzillo looks at the history of an...

Ideas for the global climate movement

Review: Stop Global Warming: Change The World By Jonathan Neale Bookmarks, $30.00 from Solidarity AS ONE of the most sun-drenched continents on the planet, Australia should...

Solutions to global warming but no way to get there

Review: “Now or never”, Quarterly Essay 31 By Tim Flannery Black Inc, $15.95 WHILE THE great financial melt-down has dominated the headlines for the past month,...

Jonathan Neale’s Stop Global Warming: Change The World

Review Bookmarks, 2008, $30.00 from Solidarity As one of the most sun-drenched continents on the planet, Australia should be a leading solar industry supplier. Instead we...

Garnaut climate plan to suit big business

IN HIS final report to the government, Professor Ross Garnaut echoes the calls from industry to abolish the one measure the Rudd government has...

Response to Garnaut more urgent than ever

The Sydney Morning Herald headline said it all about Professor Ross Garnaut’s latest round of reports: “Sigh of relief from business”. When Garnaut released...

Solar power proposal shows renewables’ potential

A proposal to build a major new solar power station in the Pilbara region of Western Australia has been largely ignored by the mainstream...

Editorials: Rudd and the unions; debating climate solutions

THE BELIEF that the Rudd government will bring change is still strong. But many people wish the government was moving more quickly to undo...

Unions join climate action at Newcastle camp

ON JULY 15, 150 people including Climate Camp participants, local Newcastle residents, and unionists, held a lively picket of NSW Treasurer and climate change...

Victorian Labor backs new coal-fired power plant

COAL TECHNOLOGY company HRL (run by Channel Seven boss Kerry Stokes), the Chinese corporation Harbin Power and the Brumby Government have signed a formal...

ETS: bad for climate, bad for workers

AT THE heart of both Ross Garnaut’s interim report and the Rudd government’s Green Paper is the proposals for an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)....

Greenpeace Energy [r]evolution report

AUSTRALIA’S ENERGY evolution is a useful tool for the climate movement. Greenpeace researchers have drawn together the best science and technology to build a...

G8 leaders refuse to commit to carbon cuts

YET AGAIN the presidents and prime ministers of the richest countries have put their “national interests” ahead of the need for urgent cuts in...

Newcastle Climate Camp fosters national debate and planning on climate change

Climate Camp, a protest against the coal industry in Newcastle NSW, was a success and an important step forward in continuing to build a...

Editorial: Rudd, Garnaut and the climate challenge

Professor Ross Garnaut delivered his draft report examining the “impacts, challenges and opportunities” resulting from climate change to the federal and state governments on...

The myth of the carbon footprint

Individuals reducing their energy consumption will do nothing to tackle climate change Myth #1: Using less electricity and gas at home through showering less, turning off...

Carbon trading and market solutions

The threat of dangerous climate change is now widely acknowledged. So why won't governments take serious action? Chris Breen examines the major proposed market...

Melbourne Climate Emergency Rally

About 4000 people rallied in central Melbourne on Saturday July 5, addressed by Greens Senator Bob Brown, among others. According to Friends of the...

Climate Camp needs focus on domestic emitters

IN JULY hundreds of people will converge in Newcastle in a week long camp, with the aim of drawing attention to Australia's contribution to...

Climate change, poverty and capitalist development

Measures that could genuinely tackle rising carbon emissions are being held back by the desire of individual countries not to harm their economy's global...

Rudd under the pump?

IS RUDD'S honeymoon coming to an end? Recent weeks have seen him blunder over fuel prices, his Howardesque moralism over Bill Henson and brewing...

Building a Movement Against Climate Change

Solidarity has produced a climate change position paper to coincide with the Climate Camp in Newcastle in July. It runs through, in some detail,...

Rudd plans to make us pay

KEVIN RUDD'S future summit, Australia 2020, will be held in Canberra on April 19 and 20. It could have been a chance for a...

Trading our way out of disaster

Massive ice loss in both the Arctic and Antarctic indicate that we are passing important climate tipping points. This mounting evidence of the need...

2020 delegates reflect a narrow vision

Kevin Rudd tells us that he is pulling together the "best and brightest" 1000 Australians for his 2020 summit in Canberra in April. Rudd...

Garnaut proposes 90 per cent cut

PROFESSOR ROSS Garnaut, establishment economist and China expert, dropped a bombshell in his interim report on climate change, jointly commissioned by state and federal...

Stars in their eyes–Earth Hour 2008

HOW DO we make governments act on the climate crisis? The organisers of Earth Hour believe "the simple action of turning off the lights...

Climate code red network grows

On March 1 more than 80 activists met to create "Climate Code Red Network" (CCRN). This came after more than 200 activists from across...

Campaign to defend G20 arrestees continues

Almost 60 people attended a Melbourne public meeting in solidarity with those arrested following the protest against the G20 summit in 2006. The meeting...

The real roots of the food crisis

STRIKES, PROTESTS and riots over the cost and availability of food have swept across Burkina Faso, Somalia, Cameroon, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Senegal,...

Climate camp–key step in wider campaign

The Climate Camp in Newcastle (10-15 July) will bring together climate activists from around Australia. It will be held at a pivotal time for the...

Rudd’s addiction to ‘clean coal’ no way forward

Why is the Rudd government so keen on "clean coal" as a solution to the climate crisis? The coal industry's power as a section of...

Wide opposition to new Melbourne freeway

Wide opposition to new Melbourne freeway Activists can press for governments to act on climate change by opposing freeway construction and demanding improved public transport. In...

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