Marxist theory

Marxists Internet Archive
A ever expanding collection of seminal works by key Marxist writers, searchable by author

Marxist Interventions: Articles from Australia in the social sciences
Marxist writings by Australians working primarily in the International Socialist tradition.

The Reds archive
An archive of socialist texts, many from the International Socialist tradition

International Socialism Journal
A quarterly journal of socialist theory, analysis and history, associated with the British Socialist Workers’ Party.

Irish Marxist Review
A journal of socialist ideas published by the Socialist Workers Party (Ireland)

International Socialist Tendency

International Socialist Tendency website
The IST, of which Solidarity is a part, unites revolutionary organisations around the world in the international socialist tradition.

Socialist Worker (UK)
Weekly revolutionary socialist newspaper, published by the Socialist Workers’ Party in Britain.

British Marxism MP3s
Talks and discussion from recent Marxism festival events in London organised by the SWP

Refugee campaign groups

Refugee Action Coalition (Sydney)
Refugee rights campaign site, regularly updated with news on the government’s detention and anti-refugee policies, as well as protests and campaign events

Refugee Action Collective (Victoria)
Melbourne-based group campaigning for refugee rights

Refugee Action Collective (Qld)
Brisbane-based group campaigning for refugee rights

Refugee Action Committee (Canberra)
Canberra-based group campaigning for refugee rights

Refugee Rights Action Network (Perth)
Perth-based refugee rights group

For other cities check the Australian Refugee Action Network website or Rural Australians for Refugees


Middle East and North Africa Solidarity Network
UK based solidarity campaign supporting workers in the Middle East