Unionists take Palestine solidarity into schools and workplaces

Organising for Palestine in the unions continues to step up. Teachers and School Staff for Palestine in Sydney and Melbourne have held solidarity photos in schools and a vigil in Melbourne.

Israeli state and settler violence grows in West Bank

The so-called truce did not end the violence against Palestinians in the West Bank, where Israeli settlers and troops are terrorising and killing with impunity.

Why two states is no solution for Palestine

Israel has never been willing to allow any kind of Palestinian state. The solution is to fight for a single democratic state with equal rights for Jews and Arabs, argues Luke Ottavi.

‘Labor has blood on their hands’: why I quit the ALP

Labor’s support for Israel’s horrific war on Gaza is creating tensions within the party. Solidarity spoke to one member about why she quit the ALP.

Protest blocks Zim boat in action against Israel’s genocide in Gaza

Up to 500 people staged a snap protest in Sydney last night, significantly disrupting the Israeli shipping company, Zim.

Break Australia’s military links with Israel

The horror in Gaza has shone light on the military links between Australia and Israel, as well as Australia’s growing role as an arms manufacturer and exporter.

All out to stop the slaughter as Albanese backs Israel’s genocide

Israel’s horrifying assault is targeting the entire population of Gaza. Every day brings more sickening war crimes and atrocities.

Biden’s embrace of Israel designed to cement US power

US President Joe Biden has given Israel’s murderous rampage in Gaza his full and absolute backing.

Surge in union action for Palestine builds solidarity movement’s power

Union solidarity with Palestine has exploded as anger grows over Israel’s genocide in Gaza and the Labor government's support for Israel.

Solidarity with Palestine sweeps world

From Kerala to Cairo, people are taking on their own governments in the fight for Palestinian lives in Gaza.

Australia the US’s partner in crime not puppet

Anthony Albanese and the Australian government back the US and Israel as junior partners in bullying and exploiting the world, argues David Glanz.

Revolution in the Arab world the key to Palestinian liberation

The solidarity for Palestine across the Middle East needs to feed into a revolt to bring down the corrupt regimes that collaborate with imperialism.

The first intifada: when Palestine rose against the British

Israel and Western leaders would have us believe that Palestinian resistance to Israel’s occupation began on 7 October. But the Palestinians have been fighting for liberation for generations.

Albanese backs Israel’s war crimes in Gaza

The Australian government has lined up wholeheartedly behind Israel, with Albanese declaring, “We will stand with Israel. We always will.”

Israeli attacks rain down terror on the people of Gaza

The Hamas attacks against Israel saw over 1500 fighters storm through the border wall, taking control of army bases and entering numerous settlements. Now Israel is unleashing hell on the civilian population of Gaza.

Free Palestine—why we say by any means necessary

Following the assault on Israelis by the Palestinian resistance, there are those who say a violent fightback is never justified. Isabel Ringrose explains that the oppressed have a right to take up arms against their colonisers.

Who are Hamas?

Hamas is a major part of the Palestinian resistance movement that has opposed Israeli settler-colonialism for decades.

Palestinians are right to resist Israeli terror

Hamas has staged a dramatic series of attacks against Israel. This is an act of resistance against the brutal Israeli occupation.

How Israel trades on war and occupation

Antony Loewenstein’s new book, The Palestine Laboratory, looks at Israel’s military cyber industrial complex and its role as one of the world's biggest arms dealers and seller of some of the most invasive software. He talked to Solidarity.

The Nakba 75 years on

Israel was founded 75 years ago through the massacre and expulsion of Palestinians, argues Raul Haagensen, and the brutality and dispossession continues today.

Protests as Israelis fall out over how to oppress Palestinians

Israel has stepped up its murderous rampages in the West Bank as the Netanyahu government encourages greater settler violence against Palestinians.

Can change come from inside Israel?

Israeli politics is becoming more racist and right-wing as a result of its foundation as a settler state based on Palestinian dispossession, argues James Supple.

Sabra and Shatila 40 years on—Israel’s brutal war crime

The massacre at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon was one of Israel’s most shocking war crimes against the Palestinians, writes Ella Haber

Why standing up for Palestine is not antisemitic

Rob Ferguson is an anti-racist activist and a member of the Socialist Workers Party in Britain who has written widely on the use of the IHRA definition on antisemitism. He spoke to Solidarity’s David Glanz.

Thousands march against Palestinian Authority in West Bank

Thousands of Palestinians have joined marches against the Palestinian Authority in the occupied West Bank, after it launched a wave of arrests against protesters and activists.

Zionism and the Middle East—why the West arms Israel

Israel was established as a colonial settler state with the backing of the great powers, argues James Supple, and is still key to imposing Western control of the Middle East

Israel’s brutal dispossession continues despite halt to bombing

Israel has paused its pummelling air strikes on the Gaza Strip, but its genocidal war against the Palestinians continues.

Palestinians are right to resist Israeli terror

Israel’s latest assault has exposed it as a racist, violent state. People who say ‘both sides’ must end violence are really siding with the oppressor, argues Nick Clark Two recent...

Palestine strikes ‘from the river to the sea’ to defy Israeli terror

Palestinians are fighting back against Israeli terror. On 18 May, they held a general strike across Israel and the occupied territories.

Palestinians defy campaign of Israeli terror

Israel has unleashed a reign of terror on Palestinians, first attacking worshippers at the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and then bombing the Gaza Strip, killing at least 67 since Monday. But Palestinians are fighting back.

Morrison’s Jerusalem move sparks international blowback

During the Wentworth by-election campaign, amongst growing fears that the government would lose the seat, Scott Morrison raised the possibility of moving Australia’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Corbyn under attack, but opposing Israel is not anti-semitic

Opponents of Britain’s left-wing Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn have mounted a major campaign accusing supporters of the Palestinians, and Corbyn himself, of anti-semitism.

Palestinian marchers massacred in brutal Israeli assault

Palestinians in Gaza have defied a murderous Israeli assault as they stage protests marking 70 years of dispossession.

Israel’s 1967 war: Six days that entrenched imperialism

Israel’s war on the Arab states 50 years ago entrenched Western imperialism in the Middle East and led to misery for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, writes Tooba Anwar

Has Trump killed the Israel-Palestine ‘peace process’?

It might be too early to declare the death of the so-called Palestinian “peace process” but after Donald Trump’s visit it is sicker than ever.

Divided over how to continue Israel’s occupation

A dispute over illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territory has exposed tensions between the US and Israel.

A new generation rekindles Palestinian resistance

Palestinians have launched a new wave of resistance in response to decades of dispossession, discrimination and humiliation.

Netanyahu re-election exposes racism at Israel’s heart

In March Israelis voted overwhelmingly to re-elect Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party. The result shows how clearly the Israeli state relies on deep racism and savagery towards Palestinians.

Gaza punished, but Israel can’t eradicate resistance

As Palestinian children in Gaza restarted school on 14 September, the number of their classmates slaughtered during Israel’s recent war stood at approximately 500, while upwards of 3000 had been injured.

Israeli academic: ‘a regime based on brutal military occupation’

Israeli academic Marcelo Svirsky, now at Wollongong Uni, explains his opposition to Zionism and why he supports BDS, in a speech from Solidarity’s Keep Left conference

Palestine needs solidarity against Israeli terror

After weeks of bombing and a ground invasion by Israeli troops, up to 30 per cent of Gaza’s population, or 520,000 people, are now without a home.

Collusion by Arab regimes allows Israel to punish Gaza

When it comes to support for Palestine, there is a yawning gap between the mass of the Arab population and their leaders.

Israeli terror aims to strangle Gaza

After slaughtering over 230 Palestinians and leaving another 1300 injured so far in its latest bombing campaign, Israel has now launched a ground invasion of the Gaza strip.

Israeli terror state stirs up violent racism

The reaction to the deaths of three Israeli teenagers has exposed the brutal racism behind Zionism.

Debating a one state solution for Palestine

After Zionism: One State for Israel and Palestine Edited by Antony Loewenstein and Ahmed Moor Saqi Books In their collection of essays After Zionism editors Antony Loewenstein and Ahmed Moor rightly argue,...

Right wing sweeps to victory in Israeli elections

In January Israelis re-elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and gave unprecedented seats to far right settler parties. They now control a third of the Israeli parliament, the Knesset. Their policies...

The myths behind Zionism’s claim to Palestine

The Invention of the Jewish People By Shlomo Sand Verso, $25 “Zionism is the Jewish national movement of rebirth and renewal in the land of Israel—the historical birthplace of the Jewish people....

Sign on statement: Support Dr Jake Lynch’s Academic Boycott of Israel

Sign a statement in support of Dr Jake Lynch and the Sydney University Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies' support for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel, and demand...

Palestinian prisoners hunger strike sparks new wave of solidarity

Since April 17 this year (Palestinian Prisoners Day) a new wave of resistance has been launched by political prisoners in Israeli jails. Around 1600 prisoners declared that they were...

Boycotting Israel is not anti-Semitic

An unholy alliance of Labor and Liberal politicians together with the media are running a nasty smear campaign against pro-Palestinian protesters targeting Max Brenner stores. Newspapers like The Australian accuse...

As the Arab spring jumps borders, Palestinian leaders play catch up

“THE PEOPLE want Tahrir in Palestine”—this was the chant unifying the thousands attempting to march on Israel’s borders from Lebanon and Syria and protesting in the Palestinian Occupied Territories...

Murdoch’s attack on Greens and BDS could have been beaten

The NSW Greens and Marrickville council’s support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel has faced a vicious right-wing onslaught led by the Murdoch press. During...

Revolt threatens Palestine’s own collaborator regime

For Palestinians, who are every day humiliated both by Israel and by their own “regime”, the reassertion of dignity by the Tunisian, Egyptian and Middle Eastern masses continues to...

Flotilla slaughter exposes Israel as a terrorist state

In the early hours of Monday morning, Israeli naval ships and helicopters descended upon an international aid flotilla headed toward the Gaza strip. The trained killers of the Israeli...

Israel is still the US’s watchdog

Israel’s determination to build settlements on occupied Palestinian territory is worrying the US government. John Rose answers questions on the US-Israel relationship What is the historic relationship between the US...

Palestine: how can there be peace?

Despite Israel’s declaration of ceasefire, the number of dead in Gaza continues to rise. Bombings and incursions into the Strip are still claiming civilian lives. Israel’s blockade still restricts...

Stop Israel’s massacre in Gaza

Israel has expanded its murderous air attack on Gaza into a full ground assault. With all borders sealed, 1.5 million Palestinians are trapped—with little electricity or fuel and severe...

Gaza and the US war for control of the Middle East

The assault on Gaza is part of the wider US-backed "war on terror" across the Middle East. Ending the Australian government's continued backing for US wars in Iraq and...

Hamas and the struggle to liberate Palestine

The US has blamed Hamas for causing Israel’s assault. Kevin Rudd has called them a “terrorist organisation”. In fact Hamas are the legitimate elected leaders of the Palestinians. ...

Stop the siege! Protests demand justice for Gaza

THOUSANDS of people have rallied across Australia in the last week to protest Israel's recent military bombardment and siege of the Gaza strip.  They are part of a global response...

A graphic and haunting soldier’s tale

Review: Waltz With Bashir Directed by Ari Folman, Limited cinema release ARI FOLMAN was only 19 when he was conscripted as part of Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon, which installed...


Time for an end to 'wage restraint' Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard talk a lot about working families. But when Qantas workers, university workers or teachers ask for wage...

Israel launches murderous assault

Israel has unleashed a new murderous offensive against Palestinians in the Gaza strip. But in the same week Kevin Rudd plans to honour Israel with a special reception in...

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