Environment a loser in the budget

Much has been made of the government’s commitment of $1.5 billion to a ‘Solar Flagships’ program in the budget.
The project, spread over six years, will establish 1000 megawatts of solar electricity, the same as a single coal-fired power station.
The funding shows what is possible if the government was willing to seriously commit to a green transition.
But a look at the rest of the environment funding in the budget shows that isn’t the case.
In addition to the billions going to business through the CPRS, Rudd will throw $2 billion directly to the coal industry for ‘clean coal’ or carbon capture and storage–a still unproven technology.
$500 million was recently put towards a new coal line in the Hunter Valley, more than the entire funding for ‘Renewables Australia’.
$4 million was also allocated to pursue a nuclear waste dump in the NT.


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