Issue 67- June

Abbott out to force health costs onto workers and the poor

The Liberals’ $7 GP fee is designed to undermine Medicare as a universal health system and entrench the principle of user-pays in health.

Liberals want universities for the rich

Universities face a savage wave of free market reforms following the budget. The Liberals’ aim is to force up student fees and create a two-tier system.

Savage attack on welfare will push under 30s to the edge

Young people have effectively had access to welfare benefits stolen from them in the budget through the Liberals’ “earn or learn” measures. Anyone under 30 will be forced to wait through six months of unemployment before they get access to unemployment benefits.

Abbott’s Parental Leave trumps Labor’s

The microscopic mention of Abbott’s Paid Parental Leave scheme in the budget raises questions about whether the Liberals will end up actually implementing it. But it is concerning to hear ACTU and Labor party leaders call it “gold plated” and “too costly”.

The myths behind Hockey’s deficit rhetoric

Of all the lies used to justify the budget cuts, the myth that Australia has a debt “crisis” has been central.

Bentley blockade shows people power can beat the Liberals

The campaign against Coal Seam Gas has won a significant victory at Bentley, near Lismore on the NSW Northern Rivers.

Cambodia isn’t safe for refugees

Reports claim that a deal between Australia and Cambodia to resettle refugees from Nauru in Cambodia could soon be signed.

Justice for Reza Barati: the minister for murder has to go

One hundred days after Iranian asylum seeker, Reza Barati, was killed inside the Manus Island detention centre no one has been held to account. The killers, former G4S workers...

Liberal corruption confirmed at higest levels

New evidence of corruption in the NSW Liberal Party has been pouring out through the Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC).

Poverty in Nigeria fuels Boko Haram—and force will not stop it

Baba Aye of the Socialist Workers League in Nigeria explains the roots of Boko Haram and why military action against it is bound to fail

Is international revolution possible?

Eliot Hoving continues our series on socialism, arguing that international revolution is both possible and necessary

South Africa’s ANC challenged by black workers and a new left

The recent South African elections saw the African National Congress (ANC) face the most serious challenge since the end of apartheid.

‘The struggle against Apartheid did not liberate the working class’

Irvin Jim, the general secretary of South Africa’s biggest union the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa), thinks the time is right for a new struggle for...

Imperialist rivalry and Putin’s Russia

As the conflict inside Ukraine continues, Solidarity looks at Russia’s increasing assertiveness under Vladimir Putin.

How revolution ended the First World War

Revolutions across Europe ended the First World War, writes Lachlan Marshall, as the working class rose up against the rulers that had sent them to war.

Racism—just a laughing matter in Jonah from Tonga

Award-winning comedian Chris Lilley is back with six-part “mockumentary”, Jonah From Tonga, following the life of Year 9 student Jonah Takalua. But Jonah from Tonga is a racist travesty.

Inside the system

Abbott and Hockey enjoy luxury while serving up cuts, No ‘heavy lifting’ in budget for millionaires, Palmer policy is pay cuts for his workers, Winning Lotto makes people more right-wing, Stop whinging Pyne, we’re the ones being assaulted, Things they say

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