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Refugee politics at work—how did teachers say ‘Let them Stay?’

When hundreds of photos of “Teachers say Let them Stay” actions at schools poured through social media in February, everyone fighting for justice for refugees stood taller and felt bolder.

Let Them Stay, Bring Them Here: people power vs the government

Almost two months ago, the High Court ruled that offshore detention on Nauru and Manus Island was lawful. The 267 people who had been brought to the mainland, and who had been part of that case, were liable to be sent back.

No pride in detention: gays face prison and danger on Nauru

More than 100 people marched with the “No Pride in Detention” float at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. The float highlighted the plight of Nima and Ashkan (not their real names), two gay Iranian refugees on Nauru.

Turnbull spends billions on war despite budget austerity

Massive investment in new weaponry aimed at containing China, a commitment to more war, and more intervention in the South Pacific—that’s the Turnbull government’s vision for a “capable, agile and potent” defence force in the 2016 Defence White Paper.

Senate reform snared in fight over anti-union ABCC

Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to change the way people vote in Senate elections has triggered a complex political fight.

What’s the point of Malcolm Turnbull?

So ran a recent headline in the Financial Review. The ruling elite is getting worried.

How Pell put Church and career above action on child abuse

George Pell didn’t know, and he wasn’t interested. That was the essence of his testimony to the Child Abuse Royal Commission about rampant sexual abuse by priests in the Ballarat Diocese, while he was based there in the 1970s and 1980s.

Blackmail charges latest front in war on CFMEU

Two leading officials of the Victorian branch of the CFMEU Construction Division faced court in March on ludicrous charges of blackmail, for industrial action against Boral, a building supplies company.

Federal public servants strike again

Federal public sector workers will strike on 21 March and across Easter as the government continues to push attacks on conditions and pay offers below inflation.

Students in India resist nationalist crackdown

The biggest wave of student unrest for 25 years has hit India following the arrest in Delhi of Kanhaiya Kumar, a student union president at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

Pensions battle sees general strike in Greece—against Syriza

An enormous general strike in February saw tens of thousands of people march in Greek cities against an attack on pensions—now coming from the Syriza government.

Protests rise from ashes amid Syria truce

Syrians in opposition-held territories marked the fifth anniversary of the revolution with protests in over 100 locations, declaring “the revolution continues.”

Fortress Europe: open the borders

Governments across Europe are shutting the door to refugees. James Supple argues they can welcome the boats and open the borders

The rebellion that shook Britain: Ireland’s 1916 Easter rising

100 years ago, a rebellion in Ireland fought for freedom and justice in British-controlled Ireland. Phil Chilton tells the hidden revolutionary history of the rebellion

A red in the white house? Bernie sanders, socialism and the Democrats

Bernie Sanders has shown radical ideas can find a serious audience in the US. Peter Jones looks at what he stands for and where his campaign for president is headed

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