Issue 91 - June

Construction union’s pay victory what Turnbull wants to stop

Construction workers in Victoria have secured a 5 per cent pay rise each year for three years in a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement signed with major builders.

Victory as Safe Schools founder reinstated

Just days after her suspension, a combination of a legal challenge, staunch union support, and a wave of anger on social media, forced La Trobe management to back down and drop the allegations against Roz Ward.

Dutton’s racism backfires, but refugees are an election issue

In true Liberal fashion, as the election gets closer and Turnbull sags in the opinion polls, they have reached for the refugee card.

New protests on Manus as Australia stalls on closing the centre

Hundreds of asylum seekers and refugees have joined together for the biggest protest inside the Manus detention centre since the mass hunger strike of 2015, following the PNG Supreme Court ruling that it was unlawful and must close.

The Big McRipOff—retail workers stripped of penalty rates

Australia’s biggest companies are raking in profits while keeping their workers some of the lowest paid in the country, signing agreements with the shoppies union, the SDA, that undermine penalty rates for weekends and shifts.

New nuclear waste dump fight begins in South Australia

South Australia is being targeted as the potential site for two new nuclear waste dumps.

Watch out, democracy: Casino Mike on the warpath

Thousands took to the streets in Sydney in May to vent their rage at “Casino Mike”—NSW Premier’s Mike Baird, so dubbed thanks to his kickbacks for Sydney’s casinos and developers amidst his repressive lockout laws, Westconnex motorway plan, boosts to police powers and tree clearing in Sydney’s east.

European Union: Britain should leave this bosses’ club

Divisions in Britain’s governing Conservative Party have forced a referendum on 23 June over whether to continue membership of the European Union (EU). The EU is a capitalist institution with neo-liberalism hard-wired into it that the left should not support.

The French resistance that could take down a government

A wave of strikes and protests to defend workers’ rights is causing a crisis for France’s Labour-type government. President Francois Hollande’s proposed Work Law increases working hours and gives bosses more power to sack workers.

Authoritarian thug the Philippines’ new president

The Philippines has a new president-elect. Brash and controversial, Rodrigo Duterte claims to represent the interests of regional areas against the dynasties of “Imperial Manila” and has described himself as a “socialist”.

A Greens-Labor coalition? Parliament, elections and running the system

The Greens are right to side with Labor above the Liberals, but taking part in coalition governments is no way to win meaningful change, argues James Supple

1936 and the occupation of the factories: How workers’ unity set France on fire

Workers’ unity was able to defeat fascism and take control of the factories, but a Left government made sure France’s 1936 movement was derailed, writes Feiyi Zhang

Robots, universal income and the future of work

The way to deal with the threat to jobs from new technology is to build union power in the workplaces, argues Miro Sandev

Muhammad Ali—the life of a people’s champion

Muhammad Ali captivated the world when he became world heavyweight boxing champion in 1964. He mixed extraordinary grace and speed in the ring with a larger than life personality outside it.

Must see insight into the reality of offshore detention

Chasing Asylum provides a powerful and emotional look at the human impact of Australia’s cruelty to refugees.

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