Issue 110 - Jan

Changing the date won’t give us anything to celebrate

The move to change the date of “Australia Day” is gaining momentum. But no matter what date Australia Day was held, there still would be nothing to celebrate.

Inside the system

World’s richest 500 increased wealth by $1 trillion in 2017; Study slams media racism; Pineapples left to rot in Queensland; Subsidy cut for hormone replacement therapy; Wages crash in new Agreements; Selfishness makes the rich happy

Racist campaign against Sudanese is the real crime

The media panic about “African gangs” went into overdrive in January, as news outlets including Murdoch’s Herald-Sun in Melbourne declared “an explosion of African gang crime”.

Mass picket shuts down Webb Dock—and shows the need to defy the law

For three weeks in the lead up to Christmas a mass picket shut down operations at the Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) on Melbourne’s Webb Dock.

Electoralism no road to shifting Greens to the left

Greens members and supporters are understandably enthused at recent electoral successes in Brisbane and Melbourne. As Turnbull falls in the polls, the need for a party to the left of Labor to take up the fight for refugees and to change the laws that shackle the unions is more urgent than ever.

Jim Molan—war criminal, now Senator

There is now a first class war criminal in the Senate, with the Liberals’ Jim Molan taking the seat vacated by the Nationals’ Fiona Nash, due to her dual citizenship.

Dual citizenship—Australia’s rulers still demand MPs’ loyalty

Parliament’s dual citizenship fiasco looks like it might never finish. Nine Senators have now departed and two lower house Coalition MPs, John Alexander and Barnaby Joyce, have survived by-election after all were found to be ineligible to sit in parliament.

Saudia Arabia and the West create human misery in Yemen

Yemen is in the grip of what the UN has called the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. This month Save the Children said it faced “the worst diphtheria outbreak in a generation” with at least 52 deaths already.

Iranian workers’ revolt against inequality holds the key to freedom

In late December a wave of mass protests in Iran began that spread to all corners of the country. Spontaneous protests erupted in nearly 70 cities.

Dangerous, hackneyed rubbish: don’t watch Romper Stomper

There is a lot wrong with the new adaptation of Romper Stomper, but the worst part is its fanciful and dangerous representation of anti-fascists, and Muslim and African youths.

Marxist classics: Wages, price and profit

Sophie Cotton looks at Marx’s 1865 pamphlet Wages, price and profit, explaining where profit comes from and its relationship to wages and the prices of commodities

The war for Sydney—genocide and resistance

The British occupation of Sydney Cove in 1788, and the brutal tactics of settlers and the military, led to almost immediate Aboriginal resistance, writes Paddy Gibson

The First Intifada—30 years since Palestinians rose up against Israel

Thirty years ago Palestinians rose up against Israel in the first intifada. Nick Clark looks at the Palestinians’ struggle and the lessons for resisting Israel today Palestinian resistance organisation Hamas...

Back the Sydney rail workers’ strike

Rail workers are set to shut down Sydney’s transport system, voting to strike for 24 hours on Monday 29 January and impose days of overtime bans. They deserve everyone’s support.

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