Issue 111 - Feb

Greens challenge Labor from the left in Batman

The Batman by-election in Melbourne on 17 March is a battle between The Greens’ Alex Bhathal and the ALP’s Ged Kearney.

Being black is not a crime, says Melbourne rally

“They are playing political games and it is not right”, the South Sudanese Community Association’s Richard Deng told a protest of 400 people in Melbourne in early February.

March to end the misery on Manus and Nauru

The conditions on Nauru and Manus continue to deteriorate. It is more important than ever that thousands march to demand the closure of Manus and Nauru, an end offshore detention and that all the asylum seekers and refugees are brought to Australia.

Inside the System

Sexism endemic in NSW Police force; Ninety per cent of incarcerated youths have a brain disorder; One in five big companies not paying tax; Amazon patents wristband to track worker movements; Mistake to make marriage equality a small target

Sydney rail worker: ‘We should strike anyway, we should just walk off’

Solidarity spoke to a Sydney rail worker about the ban on strike action and why rail workers deserve a better agreement

Defy the ABCC—Fly union flags, not Eureka

The announcement of “more stringent” guidelines by the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC), banning union signs and the Eureka flag from display on building sites has sparked a wave of flag-flying defiance.

Locked out Oaky North miners now facing termination

Workers at the Oaky Creek coal mine in Queensland are the latest to face termination of their enterprise agreement. The 175 workers have been locked out for over 220 days.

Ten years since Rudd’s Apology, more black children are being stolen than ever before

Events on 13 February commemorated ten years since Rudd's Apology. But Aboriginal families broken up by “child protection” agencies have pushed continuing forced removals into the spotlight.

Stockmarket slump sign of capitalism’s ongoing crisis

A sudden tumble on US stockmarkets has sent panic around the world. US stocks had their worst week for two years in February, down at one point by 10 per cent.

Imperialist powers abandon Kurds in Afrin

Once again the Kurds have been abandoned, with imperialist powers including the US and Russia allowing the Turkish military to do as it likes.

Trump steps up racist attack on immigrants

In his year in office, Donald Trump has shown again and again that he’s a racist bigot. Now he’s escalating his attack on immigrants.

1968—The year the world caught fire

Fifty years ago in 1968 the world was shaken by mass revolts in country after country, giving birth to a new radical left, writes Miro Sandev

The Communist Manifesto: Marx’s handbook for revolution

The Communist Manifesto remains among the best introductions to Marx’s analysis of capitalism, and why workers’ struggles hold the key to smashing it, writes Vivian Honan

40 years on—Mardi Gras’ radical history

The first Mardi Gras in 1978 was part of a struggle for gay liberation inspired by the radical politics of the 1970s, writes Geraldine Fela

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