Issue 113 - April

Victorian union delegates ready to fight—but what about the right to strike?

Two thousand unionists filled Melbourne Town Hall and spilled out onto Swanston Street for the “Change the Rules” delegates meeting on 17 April.

Sydney meeting pushes for right to strike campaign

Just over 100 people packed into the Maritime Union’s Sydney office on 14 April to discuss the right to strike.

Bosses use termination threat to force Oaky North miners back to work

Workers at Glencore’s Oaky North mine have voted 70 per cent in favour of a deal they’d rejected in January by over 90 per cent.

Inside the system

Boat turnback commander promoted to Defence Chief; BP: oil spill would boost economy; Rich Australians have biggest welfare bill; Goldman Sachs asks if curing patients a sustainable business; International students living in library; 1 per cent to own two-thirds of wealth by 2030; $90 billion lost to gas companies

Don’t blame immigration for overcrowding and failing services

Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton have begun campaigning to cut immigration, whipping up a scare about population growth. But the real problem is the way governments and business have refused to pay for the infrastructure to accommodate this growth.

Police violence product of an institution rotten to the core

A series of stories, including CCTV footage, exposing graphic, unprovoked violence by police during arrests in 2016 and 2017 are a window into how violence directed at the poor and oppressed is part of the role of the police.

Di Natale at the press club—which way for The Greens?

The Greens’ latest proposal to legalise adult cannabis use will be widely welcomed. It is a very modest, sensible, and safe proposal. But it can’t hide the fact that The Greens are in deep turmoil.

Palestinian marchers massacred in brutal Israeli assault

Palestinians in Gaza have defied a murderous Israeli assault as they stage protests marking 70 years of dispossession.

Teacher strike spreads to more US states

The teacher rebellion that started in West Virginia has now swept across three more US states. After a decade of effective wage cuts and public school starvation, they are showing that even in the heart of Republican-controlled Trump country, resistance can win.

Strikes hit France as Macron attacks rail workers

Mass strikes and escalating student unrest are creating a crisis for French president Emmanuel Macron’s neo-liberal assault.

The rise of China—a dilemma for Australia’s rulers

China’s rise poses a dilemma for Australia’s rulers, writes David Glanz. The left needs to oppose both imperialist powers, as well as Australia’s own imperialist bullying

New sinews of working class power

American socialist Kim Moody’s important new book on the restructuring of capital in the past four decades argues that the working class, far from disappearing, has renewed potential power, writes Mark L Thomas.

Western attacks on Syria will only bring more horror

The US, Britain and France have launched new airstrikes against targets in Syria. More Western bombing only increases the chances of the war escalating even further.

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