Issue 115 - June

Labor must deliver right to strike, says union leader

Victorian CFMEU Secretary John Setka has called on Bill Shorten and Labor to lift restrictions on the right to strike and union right of entry should they win the next election.

Ark Tribe, unionist who defied the ABCC

Unionists around the country have paid tribute to Ark Tribe, a construction worker and CFMEU member who took on the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC). He died unexpectedly in late May.

Inside the system

More evidence of Australian soldiers’ war crimes; Dutton’s department admits migration creates jobs; Rich Liberal electorates clean up from tax cuts; US corporations hand $1 trillion back to shareholders; Over 1000 jobs lost at ABC

Workers not seeing the benefits despite economic pick-up

Is Australia heading back into boom? Treasurer Scott Morrison certainly hopes so, saying new figures showed that, “the Turnbull Government’s plan for a stronger economy is working”. The Coalition’s election pitch relies on it.

Call for amnesty for migrant workers: ‘Our campaign is about dignity’

Solidarity's Chris Breen spoke to Shawfikul Islam, a Rohingya refugee and National Union of Workers organiser in Melbourne, about the union’s organising amongst farm workers and its call for an amnesty for migrant workers in the industry.

Recycling crisis exposes the market’s failure

Recycling across Australia is facing collapse, following China’s move to restrict the import of recyclable materials.

Fighting Casualisation—union power and the right to strike

Casualisation and insecure work is a growing problem. Union organising and industrial action have defeated it before, and can do so again.

Class, Power and Revolution—Anarchism or Marxism?

Anarchists and socialists share a common aim, but anarchism’s rejection of leadership, party organisation and the need for a workers’ state doom it to failure, writes Caitlin Doyle

After the Apology—Aboriginal communities fight back against continuing Stolen Generations

Larissa Behrendt’s film, After the Apology, explores the consequences of intergenerational trauma caused by forced removal and the fightback from Grandmothers Against Removals—women campaigning to get their kids back from the child protection system.

Warning for the left as racist right brought to power in Italy

“The good times for illegals are over. Get ready to pack your bags”, said Italy’s new Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, head of the far right League. One of his first moves was to refuse to allow a rescue boat carrying 600 asylum seekers from Africa to land in Italy.

Imperialist power games still in the way of peace in North Korea

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un congratulated themselves after signing their agreement in Singapore. But little was finalised in the talks.

Protests topple Jordan’s Prime Minister

The biggest protests since the Arab Spring in Jordan have toppled a Prime Minister and forced King Abdullah to suspend IMF-mandated tax increases and price hikes.

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