ALP branch condemns intervention

On March 25, Vince Forrester addressed the Darlington branch of the ALP which passed the following motion:

“Darlington Branch welcomes the apology to the stolen generation. However, we demand that the Rudd Government immediately repeal the NT intervention legislation, stop welfare quarantining and the compulsory land acquisition, restore the Racial Discrimination Act, sign and implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and properly resource and consult with communities to respectfully addressed disadvantage”.


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Anthony Albanese and Defence Minister Richard Marles staked their credibility on defeating dissent over AUKUS. It was not much of a gamble.

When the Wiradyuri fought colonial capitalist land theft

Stephen Gapps’ book Gudyarra is a compelling account of the opening phase of the genocidal invasion of Wiradyuri lands by British imperialism and the fierce anti-colonial insurgency waged by Wiradyuri people.

Indigenous Voice a hollow advisory body, Labor confirms

Anthony Albanese has outlined Labor’s proposed constitutional reform to enshrine an Indigenous “Voice to Parliament”. The details confirm that the planned referendum will offer no constitutional rights to Indigenous people and ensure the Voice has no enshrined powers.



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