Hundreds rally in support of Lex Wotton

Three hundred people rallied in Brisbane on November 1st to demand Lex Wotton be freed. The angry rally marched on parliament handing in petitions collected that week calling for a pardon for all those charged from Palm Island in the aftermath of the protest for which Lex was charged.

The rally was a good start for the campaign to free Lex Wotton and we must continue the momentum. Around 200 people also rallied in Melbourne and around 60 people attended a speakout in Redfern.

The protests will continue with a national day of action on Friday November 7, the day Lex is scheduled to be sentenced. With an appeal likely to come soon it’s important these actions continue to keep the both Lex’s freedom and stopping black deaths in custody on the agenda.

Watch a video of the rally here:

By Rob Nicholas

Future Brisbane events

Wednesday 19th of November
Four year Commemoration of Mulrunji’s Murder
Protest Outside Queensland Police Headquarters
Roma St, City


Solidarity meetings

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