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“The emissions trading scheme that is currently in the Parliament…is one which is very similar to the scheme that John Howard took to the last election, John Howard himself has said that.”
Malcolm Turnbull on Nine’s Today on Sunday show

“It’s very difficult. Afghanistan has a long history of devouring foreign military forces. The Soviets, the British, everybody.”
John Howard, speaking out two years after we sacked him

“They don’t know how crazy they look, because crazy people never do.”
A Liberal frontbencher on Nick Minchin’s claim that climate change is a left-wing conspiracy

“I do not believe that racism is at work in Australia on these matters at all.”
Kevin Rudd on the attacks on Indian students

“You can talk about all the stuff you like about carbon capture storage, that concept will not materialise for 20 years, and probably never.”Liberal climate change spokesperson Ian McFarlane“He’s accessible. He listens. What else could I want in a minister? Nothing.”
Woodside chief executive Don Voelte on Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson

“It appears that the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 may not have been the crushing victory for free-market capitalism that it seemed at the time—particularly after the events of the last 12 months.”
Doug Miller, of polling firm GlobeScan which conducted a global survey that found that only 11 per cent of people surveyed across 27 countries thought free market capitalism is working well


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