Things they say

“He turned up in the last couple of years when I was Prime Minister. I used to regard him as a sort of resident nutter on their side.”
Paul Keating on Tony Abbott

“Conservative, tea leaf-reading, focus group-driven polling types [who] won’t get out of bed in the morning unless they’ve had a focus group report to tell them which side to get out.”
Paul Keating on Kevin Rudd’s advisors

“Prime Minister Blah blah”
Tony Abbott on Kevin Rudd

“I just wonder whether his obvious talents and his special communication skills could be put to a better use.”
Liberal Senator Ian MacDonald explains Barnaby Joyce’s demotion

“Joyce had a golden opportunity to showcase his talents as a serious senior opposition spokesman, but he chose instead to waste his chance by continuing to mix his metaphors and overuse bumptious and rhetorical speech devices.”
A letter to The Australian mourns the loss of a dynamic politician

“Channel Nine host Tracy Grimshaw ought to apply an IQ test to her audience of ‘undecided’ voters before she gives them a licence to press buttons.”
Miranda Devine was not happy when the worm didn’t go Abbott’s way in the health debate

“They spoke of money pouring into [Liberal Party] coffers like it never had during the reign of the investment banker Turnbull.”
Business is keen to show their love for Abbott’s policies, says Miranda Devine

“A devastating argument against religion in two words: ‘Senator Fielding’.”
ABC Science Show’s Robyn Williams makes the case for athiesm

“Even if we tell them not to do it, some of them might not listen”
Union official Gerard Decleir on the workers who occupied the Sodimatex plant in France and threatened to blow it up



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Liberals smashed in NSW but little on offer from Labor

Labor has won government in NSW, with a thumping swing of almost 6 per cent ending 12 years of Liberal government.

Safeguards deal still won’t deliver cuts to emissions

The Greens and Labor have struck a deal to pass the climate Safeguard Mechanism bill. While this may restrict the number of new coal and gas projects, it won’t reduce actual emissions—and is a disaster for the climate.

Women, life, freedom—Iran’s uprising six months on

After nearly six months the uprising in Iran—known as Zhina’s uprising after the nickname of Mahsa Amini whose death in police custody triggered the revolt—has begun to die down.



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