Things they say

The suggestion John Howard should be labelled a racist, what a load of nonsense, he’s most certainly someone who’s not.
Julia Gillard on Howard’s refugee policy

That’s what I said in the parliament in 1996 and it’s what I’m saying now
Pauline Hanson on Gillard’s speech outlining her approach to refugees

Few in the upper echelons of politics have comparable idealism. Even fewer share his intelligence and ethics.
Philip Adams mourns the sacking of Kevin Rudd

I don’t care what you fuckers think
Kevin Rudd to the delegation of Labor MPs who told him it was time to go

Australia’s a great country and one of the things about it is you get to pick what you want to watch on TV
Gillard aims high with her election promises—MasterChef won’t be silenced

Actually, it’s a lot of fun to fight. You know, it’s a hell of a hoot. It’s fun to shoot some people.
General James Mattis, the new head of US Central command, on fighting in Afghanistan

I think it is important not to over-interpret the resolution passed by the East Timor Parliament.
Foreign Minister Stephen Smith says East Timorese parliament’s rejection of a refugee processing centre doesn’t matter

Perhaps some Direct Action poking fun at the slogans in this election could Move us Forward to a time when politicians stop using them altogether. It’s Time.
Lenore Taylor is sick of the election slogans already

The Green’s have been using the slogan “The future is Green” but if Rhiannon is successful, truth in advertising laws may require them to amend it to “The future is red”.
AWU Secretary Paul Howes does some wishful thinking on Greens NSW Senate candidate Lee Rhiannon


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Liberals smashed in NSW but little on offer from Labor

Labor has won government in NSW, with a thumping swing of almost 6 per cent ending 12 years of Liberal government.

Safeguards deal still won’t deliver cuts to emissions

The Greens and Labor have struck a deal to pass the climate Safeguard Mechanism bill. While this may restrict the number of new coal and gas projects, it won’t reduce actual emissions—and is a disaster for the climate.

Women, life, freedom—Iran’s uprising six months on

After nearly six months the uprising in Iran—known as Zhina’s uprising after the nickname of Mahsa Amini whose death in police custody triggered the revolt—has begun to die down.



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