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To an average person who has an average house, it seems a lot. But this is our head of state in her headquarters and a high standard has to be maintained.
A Buckingham Palace spokesperson on the queen spending $160,000 on chandelier cleaning

The simple fact of the matter is that solar-powered dump trucks don’t work too well underground
Rogue National MP Tony Crook can’t grasp how acting on climate change will benefit his electorate

No one envies The Sydney Morning Herald, as it tries to fill the hole left by Miranda Devine.
And what a hole that must be, Caroline Overington

Activists in Britain have been picking up his book and putting it in the crime section.
Tariq Ali suggests the correct bookstore section for Tony Blair’s new autobiography

In my opinion, the presence in the armed forces of persons who demonstrate a propensity or intent to engage in homosexual acts would very likely create an unacceptable risk to … high standards. It will lead to alcohol use, adultery, fraternisation, and body art.
US Senator Saxby Chambliss doesn’t like gays in the military—and especially not gays in the military with tattoos

American scientific companies are crossbreeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains.
Delaware Tea Party Republican Christine O’Donnell is probably further off the planet than Sarah Palin

We believe he [Bob Brown] and his Green colleagues are hypocrites; that they are bad for the nation; and that they should be destroyed at the ballot box.
The Australian is a little unhappy that things did not go totally their way this election

Financial and social stability must come together. Otherwise, not only the global economy but also social cohesion will be at risk.
The ILO warns that governments must keep the lid on working class resistance to the economic crisis



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Pressure gets to Albanese as anger at genocide complicity grows

The pressure from eight months of protests is getting to the government. Albanese has launched a wild series of attacks on Palestine protests and The Greens.

Wider support needed to force universities to break ties with...

The Gaza solidarity encampment at the University of Sydney has rejected an offer from management designed to have the camp clear out “and not resume”.

Construction workers walk off to support ANU encampment

Construction workers walked off the job at ANU in Canberra to support the Gaza solidarity encampment after a series of threats from the university.