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The Labor Party has moved further to the right than the Liberal Party was in the sixties.
Even John Howard realises Labor is more and more like them

The person they most wanted to kill was you.
A Liberal insider to Kerry O’Brien about the Howard government’s restructure of the ABC

[Adam] Bandt, a lawyer and academic, was a member of the Left Alliance and his doctoral thesis involved a consideration of Marx.
Paul Sheehan, Sydney Morning Herald journalist, expresses the still-reverberating shock and horror in the establishment about having a leftie in parliament

Many years ago, working with industry was not the done thing; now everyone is doing it.
Fred Hilmer, UNSW Vice-Chancellor, explaining why the university will give naming rights of faculties to corporate donors

In the big picture, to hold someone’s head underwater, the chance of permanent damage is minimal and the rewards are great.
American politician Peter King thinks waterboarding, a form of torture, is okay if you get something out of it

Maybe looking down from their ministerial Mercs, Brian Cowen [prime minister of Ireland], Brendan Smith et al think that all the Irish people want or need is cheese. The truth is sadly different.
Fine Gael’s Andrew Doyle on the Irish government’s bizarre plan to placate people with free cheese—just one slice for every adult

Marie Antoinette said “let them eat cake”, [that was] the beginning of the revolution—is that what they want?
A caller on Irish public radio discusses the government’s motives

I cannot condone chucking fire extinguishers off a roof. No, use ‘em as a battering ram on doors!
Comedian Paul O’Grady thinks the British student protestors who took over Tory headquarters didn’t go far enough


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Liberals smashed in NSW but little on offer from Labor

Labor has won government in NSW, with a thumping swing of almost 6 per cent ending 12 years of Liberal government.

Safeguards deal still won’t deliver cuts to emissions

The Greens and Labor have struck a deal to pass the climate Safeguard Mechanism bill. While this may restrict the number of new coal and gas projects, it won’t reduce actual emissions—and is a disaster for the climate.

Women, life, freedom—Iran’s uprising six months on

After nearly six months the uprising in Iran—known as Zhina’s uprising after the nickname of Mahsa Amini whose death in police custody triggered the revolt—has begun to die down.



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