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I’d take the oil, I’d give them plenty so they can live very happily. I would take the oil. You know, in the old days when you have a war and you win, that nation’s yours.
Potential US Republican Presidential Donald Trump on what he’d do in Libya.

My nine year old is starting to sense things… he asks, “Why are the students angry with you, papa?”
Deputy prime minister of the UK Nick Clegg on the student revolt against tuition fee increases.

This guest list reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of tyrants and their cronies
British anti-monarchy campaign group Republic on the royal wedding guests—which category does Julia fit in?

Why does bloody Joss Stone get an invite and not moi? I sang at the Diana concert, too!
Singer Lily Allen on an unfair world and the royal wedding.

It was no surprise that a William and Kate commemorative fridge was a popular choice
David Garden, GE commercial director, on the firm’s commemorative fridge. It has a huge picture of the happy couple on it.

Abbas also criticized Washington’s handling of the revolution in Egypt, saying the push that Obama gave President Hosni Mubarak was ‘impolite’ and possibly dangerous
Dan Ephron on his “unfettered” interview with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Friday’s attack could further fuel antidrone sentiment among the Pakistani public
The New York Times isn’t sure how a US strike that killed 23 people and at least nine civilians in Pakistan will go down with the locals.

They tend to assume that it’s some cold, robotic process where we sit around and just look at numbers.
Discussing his budget cuts, Wayne Swan tries to insist he isn’t just a soulless number cruncher.


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Recent months have seen an increasing number of protests directed at the arms industry in Australia and its role in Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

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