Things they say

“We know we can’t be in Afghanistan forever”.

Maybe the penny has dropped for Defence Minister Stephen Smith


“A carbon tax could have united fervent environmentalists and economic rationalists, whatever the latter think about ‘climate change’. After all, a carbon tax is a consumption tax in green garb”.


“It was the kind of place you get out of and you never want to go back again”.

A former reporter describes the News of the World when Rebekah Brooks was editor


“That is what we do—we go out and destroy other people’s lives”.

News of the World assistant news editor Greg Miskiw


“I can look [workers] in the eye and assure them there is a great future in coal mining.”

Julia Gillard at a NSW coal mine


“If the government had any intestinal fortitude it would have put petrol and electricity prices up and that would have changed people’s habits.”

Mining boss BC Iron chief executive Mike Young doesn’t mind if we pay the carbon tax


“The less well-off will get compo, but even they could afford it if they had to. One less deck of smokes a week. Two less beers. Leave off the Foxtel subscription.”

“Geoff Lemon’s” middle class rant, in a widely circulated blog post, was a great example of why Gillard can’t sell the carbon tax


“Our concerns about the adverse impacts of the proposed carbon tax on our competitive position have been substantially addressed”.

OneSteel managing director Geoff Plummer


“Prime Minister John Howard has repeatedly proven to be one of the most sensible leaders in the Western world.”

Norweigan Islamophobe and mass murderer Anders Breivik

in 2002
Adam Creighton from the right-wing think tank Centre for Independent Studies



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