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[With] extraordinary care and thoughtfulness.

Obama’s top-counter terrorism adviser, John O Brennan, on how drone strikes are carried out

How old are these people? If they [Al-Qaeda] are starting to use children, we are moving into a whole different phase.

Obama discussing his personally-approved “kill list”, a list of people the US plans to murder via drone strikes, with intelligence officials

It is the politically advantageous thing to do—low cost, no U.S. casualties, gives the appearance of toughness. It plays well domestically, and it is unpopular only in other countries. Any damage it does to the national interest only shows up over the long term.

Dennis Blair, the former director of US national intelligence, on the advantages of Obama’s drone strikes

When we have shooting practice I have to look at two things: how my soldier is shooting and that he doesn’t fire at US soldiers.

Colonel Asif Khan Saburi, the head of Afghan Army recruitment training in 5 Afghan provinces, has trouble making sure Afghans fight on the US side

We might as well be sitting around drinking. There’s not too much to do.

Wang Ya Xin, the general manager of Tangshan, the biggest outdoor steel market in China, where sales have fallen 30 per cent in the last year

Nothing stops her doing the job she does.

Someone needs to tell UK Prime Minister David Cameron that the Queen has been unemployed for years

[He’s] very anti-establishment.

Tony Blair says we’ve got Rupert Murdoch all wrong

An unfortunate logistics planning problem.

Molly Prince, boss of welfare-to-work firm Close Protection in the United Kingdom, on job seekers her firm left to sleep under a bridge


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After six months of slaughter, Israel’s atrocities in Gaza are becoming more and more obscene.

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Recent months have seen an increasing number of protests directed at the arms industry in Australia and its role in Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

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Spy base Pine Gap is almost certainly playing a key role feeding intelligence to Israel for use against Gaza.