Things they say

It was in the bank, your Honour.
Gerard Obeid, son of corrupt Eddie Obeid, when asked where he got the money to pay for his $2.5 million house

I’ll bet you a million dollars now that I’m the member for Fairfax after the next election. If you’ve got a million dollars put it on the table.
Clive Palmer to journalist Tim Lester. Surprisingly he couldn’t take up the bet

A dose of Margaret Thatcher.
Mark Adamson, British chief executive of Fletcher Building, lays out what he thinks Australia needs

We are an oligopoly community. We shouldn’t fight it.
Liberal finance spokesman Andrew Robb tells food industry executives he’s not bothered by huge oligopolies controlling the Australian economy

If you don’t like Tony Abbott, don’t meet him, because when you do meet him he’s really a good bloke.
Warren Mundine, former Labor President and ex-Labor member, has a high opinion of Tony Abbott since he was made his Indigenous policy advisor

People who use web-based email today cannot be surprised if their communications are processed.
Google makes no apology for reading your emails


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Albanese aids Israel and smears protests as horror unfolds in Rafah

Israel has begun its long-threatened assault on Rafah. Hundreds have already been killed,  thousands more will likely die as Israel’s savagery continues.

Encampments show spread of solidarity with Gaza

The spread of student encampments for Palestine around the world has been an inspiration for all those fighting to end Israel’s genocidal slaughter in Gaza.

ANU threatens to discipline students and disperse Gaza solidarity camp

ANU management in Canberra is demanding a number of students leave their encampment in solidarity with Gaza, threatening them with disciplinary action if they refuse.