Support swells for Baiada workers’ fight (in pictures and video)

On the weekend, striking poultry workers at Baiada’s Laverton factory and their supporters defeated police attempts to break up their picket, which has now been going strong for nearly a week. Then on Sunday, the workers and their union held a successful union and community rally to support the workers’ demands for better wages, safety conditions and permanent jobs. Click here for photos and videos.

Community members and strikers successfully defend the picket from the police

Celebration on the picket line after the police retreat

Jody Betzien’s set of photograph of Sunday’s community rally at the Laverton picket

Workers and supporters celebrate their success.

A Baiada worker addresses the crowd.

Baiada strikers at the rally.

The rally drew support from across the union movement, and heard from Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) secretary, Ged Kearney.

The whole banner in this photo reads “what’s outrageous? Poultry wages!”

The crowd demonstrates its enthusiasm and support for the Baiada strikers.


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