Morrison wants workers to pay for COVID recovery—make the rich pay

Instead of extending support to workers, Morrison wants to give bosses more “flexibility” through new industrial relations laws to allow them to cut workers’ pay and conditions.

Election shock—how this happened and lessons for the left

Yesterday’s election result has shocked everyone—from the pollsters to the pundits, Labor and even Scott Morrison himself.

Editorial: As Liberals’ panic grows—more protest and stopwork action can bury Morrison

The Liberals’ crushing defeat in the Victorian election was a massive rejection of their divisive, racist, dog-whistling campaign.

Historic swing in Wentworth shows Liberals are all but finished

The Wentworth result makes it clear that the government is all but finished. The focus is now on what a future Labor government will deliver—and the struggle that will be needed to reverse the damage of five years of Liberal rule.

Editorial: Headaches mount for Morrison—all out in October to finish him off

Since becoming Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has focused on trying to fix the Liberals’ most glaring electoral problems. But the setbacks for the government just keep coming.

Coalition’s cuts undermine potential of NDIS

Unfortunately for the NDIS and people it hoped to empower, the Coalition's priority is not delivering social services but delivering a balanced budget.

Weak, divided and heading for defeat—Finish the Liberals off

The knifing of Malcolm Turnbull has only further damaged and destabilised the Coalition. Their defeat at the election now looks almost certain.

Scott Morrison moves to keep the right happy

Scott Morrison has lost no time reminding everyone of his conservative credentials.

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