Issue 86 - Jan

Saying sorry means you won’t do it again—fighting the ongoing Stolen Generations

Australia-wide, there are currently more than 15,000 Aboriginal children in out of home care. This is more than one third of children in the child protection system, despite Aboriginal people making up less than 3 per cent of the population.

Bashed in custody: Justice now for 11-year-old Denzel

On 22 December three prison guards at Wacol Youth Detention Centre in Brisbane brutally bashed 11-year-old Aboriginal boy Denzel, leaving him hospitalised.

The Trade Union Royal Commission—a right royal union bashing

After 18 months and almost $46 million, the Trade Union Royal Commission, delivered its final report in December. The Liberals' loyal servant, Commissioner John Dyson Heydon, delivered volumes of excuses for the Coalition to continue its union bashing.

Don’t let the courts send these unionists to jail

At least 5000 Melbourne building workers joined a strike and rally in early December as CFMEU officials John Setka and Shaun Reardon faced court. The two Victorian Construction union officials face charges of blackmail under the Crimes Act.

Close Nauru and Manus—Australia the only place to resettle refugees

The Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, made headlines in mid-January threatening to send 72 children back to Nauru. The children are among the 260 asylum seekers and refugees who have been brought from Nauru and Manus for medical reasons.

Racists use Cologne attacks to demonise Muslims and refugees

Racist politicians are trying to use horrific New Year’s Eve attacks on women in German cities to undermine solidarity with refugees. These attempts are also boosting racist groups. They hope...

Paris agreement pledges nothing for the climate

The media hailed the Paris climate conference as delivering an “historic” global agreement. But there is nothing to celebrate. The agreement is a sham.

The left is the real winner of Spanish elections as two party system crumbles

General elections in the Spanish state in December brought increasing political instability, with the biggest gains made by the left.

Venezuela’s election: end of the road for the revolution?

The defeat of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela in the National Assembly elections of 6 December came as a shock for much of the left internationally, and has led to a wave of soul searching.

Mt Isa’s rank-and-file revolt

The dispute in Mt Isa in 1964 saw rank-and-file union members hold out against the company, the government and even their own union officials, writes Mark Gillespie

Suffragettes: The vote, the war and working class women

Geraldine Fela discusses the new film Suffragette, and how the fight for the vote polarised between wealthy and working class women

Tax avoidance is big business

The Australian Tax Office released the Corporate Tax Transparency Report in December. This first report specifically names the companies who paid new tax.

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