Issue 95 - Oct

Plebiscite failure puts heat on Turnbull over equal marriage

Malcolm Turnbull’s release of the details of his planned plebiscite on same-sex marriage has only hardened opposition to it.

Shut down production to win CUB 55 jobs

Workers are in their fourth month of picketing outside the brewery for reinstatement at their original wages and conditions.

Grassroots campaign wins Mojgan’s freedom

A two-year long “Free Mojgan” campaign won the release of 22-year-old Iranian asylum seeker, Mojgan Shamsalipoor, from immigration detention on 21 September.

Manus detention in turmoil—again

The Manus Island detention centre has been thrown into turmoil yet again, as PNG and Australian immigration reshuffle and tighten detention arrangements inside the centre. Immigration is trying to force all so-called “double negatives” to be separated and kept in Mike Compound.

Courts and international law won’t end offshore detention

The scale of the abuse revealed in the Nauru files has led many to ask whether there is some way to use the courts, or international law, to end offshore detention.

ACTU insider blasts union focus on electoral campaigns

Having left the ACTU, Tim Lyons, its former assistant secretary for six years, has served up a critique of the union leadership’s inability to do the basic organising necessary to re-build unions, in an article in the September issue of Meanjin.

Kirra Voller speaks out: Dylan needed help, not prison

Images of Dylan Voller hooded and strapped to a chair in Don Dale juvenile detention centre stand as a symbol of the terrible abuse inflicted on Aboriginal children and youth in Australian prisons. Kirra Voller, Dylan’s sister, spoke to Solidarity about her family’s experiences and the need to continue the fight.

More bombing won’t end the war in Syria

Hundreds have died in recent weeks as Russia and Syria have unleashed a horrific wave of bombing on rebel held areas of Aleppo.

Anti-refugee backlash fuels German far right

The far right Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) won 14.2 per cent of the vote in September’s elections to enter Berlin’s state parliament for the first time.

Students strike to save SCA

Students at SCA have staged a two-day student strike against plans to close their campus at Callan Park. As part of the “day of disruption”, a gigantic banner was dropped from the Quadrangle building and piles of clay turned into a sculpture at the entrance. A tent city, complete with a DJ, was set up on the front lawns.

Stalemate with right-wing as Corbyn re-elected leader

British left-winger Jeremy Corbyn has won a landslide victory to be re-elected as Labour Party leader. He actually increased his share of the vote to 62 per cent despite a campaign by the right-wing that blocked 130,000 members from voting, most of whom were pro-Corbyn.

Bernie Sanders—What happened to the revolution?

Bernie Sanders’ loss in the Democratic primaries exposes the true nature of the party—and why efforts to change it from within are a dead end, argues Solidarity

Women, work and militancy in World War II

The role of women in war production challenged entrenched gender divisions and gave women workers newfound confidence to demand equal wages, argues Lucy Honan

Don’t dismiss science behind drugs and treatment of mental illness

Heather Baldwin responds to our article on mental illness from last issue

Response: Answers on mental health not in our genes

Chris Breen responds to comments on his article in our last issue

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