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Mass union campaign can stop the cut to penalty rates

Turnbull’s support for the penalty rate cuts shows his commitment to anti-worker policies that benefit business and the rich. This is the issue that can put a finish to his government.

Inside the system

Gas giants pay no tax despite record boom; Australia Post tells workers to work around corpse; Michaelia Cash forgets $1.4 million property; US demands Cambodia pay ‘war debt’; Fruit pickers told to leave union or lose work; Welfare discrimination against Aboriginal people

Open the borders—Bring them here

Testimony to a Senate committee from Australia’s People Smuggling Ambassador, Andrew Goledzinowski, has confirmed the scale of uncertainty that surrounds the US resettlement deal.

Europe resists racism and the far right as Wilders gains ground in the Netherlands

Marches against racism have been held across Europe, from Vienna to London, Warsaw, Athens and Paris, during a national weekend of action beginning on 18 March.

South Korea: protests continue after President Park is impeached

Demonstrations have continued after President Park Geun-hye was removed from office in the middle of March.

Trump and the rise of fake news: How powerful is the media?

Trump’s attack on the media as “fake news” shows his authoritarian style, writes Miro Sandev, but the mainstream media itself reflects the values of the rich and powerful

Imperialism in the Pacific: Does the US want war on china?

John Pilger’s new film exposes the ruthless US military buildup against China, but also refuses to let the Chinese government off the hook, writes Mark Gillespie

Russia’s 1917 revolution: When workers took power

The October revolution is derided by establishment figures. But it saw workers overthrow capitalism and establish real democratic control of society, writes David Glanz

SBS documents racism in Australia that isn’t fading away

Journalist Ray Martin’s documentary, part of SBS’s “Face up to Racism” week, exposes the racism of everyday life in Australia. But it fails to target the source of racism in Australia in government and major institutions, and show how we can fight it.

WA election: Liberals humiliated, One Nation flops

After two terms of government under Colin Barnett the Liberals have taken a belting in Western Australia. Anger at high unemployment and the threat of further privatisation has delivered the ALP a landslide win.

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