Issue 103 - June

Construction workers strike over industrial manslaughter

Thousands of Brisbane CFMEU construction workers took another day of illegal strike action on 23 May, marching off the job to Parliament House to demonstrate against the Labor state government delaying industrial manslaughter legislation.

Sydney Uni staff move towards strike action

A packed meeting of 250 NTEU members at Sydney University on 8 June voted to begin balloting for industrial action.

UTS stands up to Islamophobic attacks

Over 150 students and staff gathered at UTS in Sydney on 23 May to protest and condemn a series of targeted Islamophobic attacks.

More police powers won’t keep us safe from terrorism

Turnbull has stepped up his rhetoric, talking of the “growing threat” of “Islamist terrorism”. He is using the attack carried out by Yacub Khayre in Brighton as an excuse for bringing in further draconian measures.

Dutton’s deadline threat to asylum seekers

Peter Dutton has threatened to deport or cut off income support to thousands of refugees living in the community. In a disgraceful piece of dishonesty he branded 7500 of them “fake refugees” for not yet lodging their refugee claims.

Refugees are not a terrorism risk

In the wake of the Brighton siege, the right-wing media is again scaremongering about refugees and terrorism.

Corbyn surge shows support for left alternative

Jeremy Corbyn’s dramatic success in the British election shows the wide support for left-wing ideas.

General strike in Greece as Syriza enforces brutal austerity demands

Tens of thousands of workers flooded the streets of central Athens in Greece in late May, as the country was brought to a standstill by a general strike.

Has Trump killed the Israel-Palestine ‘peace process’?

It might be too early to declare the death of the so-called Palestinian “peace process” but after Donald Trump’s visit it is sicker than ever.

Trump abandons climate deal as world dithers on action

Donald Trump’s decision to quit the Paris climate treaty has been condemned worldwide. It means one of the world’s two largest carbon polluters has abandoned the global effort to tackle climate change.

How the West creates terrorism

It is not Islam or extremist ideas but the destruction of the Middle East by Western imperialism, and the racism accompanying it, that causes terrorism, argues Miro Sandev.

NT Intervention: a decade of racist brutality

In May, events were held to mark 50 years since the 1967 referendum, widely seen as winning full citizenship for Aboriginal people. But June is the ten-year anniversary of the Northern Territory Intervention, a policy that has turned black people into second class citizens, once again.

Temporary migration in Australia under the microscope

Peter Mares’ book, published mid-last year, argues there has been a significant shift towards temporary visas away from permanent migration in Australia. He sets out to uncover the impact on temporary migrants, who can go years living in uncertainty without the rights held by other workers.

Uluru Statement: Pearson’s advisory body will not bring real change

Noel Pearson’s plan to enshrine a toothless advisory body in the Constitution will change nothing for Aboriginal people, writes Paddy Gibson.

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