Issue 107 - Oct

Inside the system

Police ramp up harassment to try to silence Dylan Voller; Facial recognition scanners to target Commonwealth Games crowds; Surge in Afghan deportations leads to violence and death; Woman shoots homeless man who asked her to move Porsche; Male primary school teachers disappearing; British soldiers face neo-Nazi charges

Dutton scorns as Manus mourns

The Daily Telegraph headline screamed, “From Manus to Manhattan” as if, after four years of hell on Manus, refugees were about to live in luxury apartments next to Central Park.

Setback as Sydney Uni EBA campaign brought to a halt

After two well-supported strike days and an enthusiastic vote for a 48-hour strike, the NTEU at Sydney University has abruptly voted to accept a new agreement.

UTS staff to strike for 24 hours

Staff at UTS will strike for 24 hours on 19 October in the last week of classes.

Murdoch termination takes effect as staff demand fair deal

On 26 September Murdoch staff walked off the job for the second time since the Fair Work decision to terminate their agreement.

Catalonia on the brink as Spanish state unleashes crackdown

The Spanish government is facing a major crisis as the struggle for independence in the Catalonia region intensifies.

Australia complicit in Rohingya ethnic cleansing

Australia is complicit in the Rohingya crisis, both turning away the refugees and refusing to sever its ties with the Burmese military.

Far right enters German parliament

The far right has entered the German parliament for the first time since 1945, with the Alternative for Germany (AfD) winning 12.6 per cent of the vote to become the third largest party.

Players defy Trump as anti-racist protests sweep the NFL

Football fields, baseball pitches and basketball courts across the US have transformed into the latest political battlegrounds against racism, police violence and President Donald Trump.

Dissecting the moral panic over Safe Schools

Benjamin Law’s Quarterly Essay “Moral Panic 101” is a timely dissection of the 2016 backlash against the Safe Schools program, the non-compulsory set of resources that schools could use to progress toward eliminating LGBTI school bullying.

Market failure: coal plants, power prices and privatisation

Privatisation is responsible for the crisis in the power industry, writes Chris Breen

North Korea: the war that never ended

The Korean war involved an unbelievable level of destruction and death, writes James Supple, and North Korea remains caught up in the game of imperialist rivalry

Russia 1917: Why did ‘soviets’ matter?

The October revolution of 1917 in Russia saw the soviets take power. What were the soviets and how did they work?

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