Issue 109 - Dec

Inside the system

Mountain of scrapped bikes as bike-sharing companies go bust; School cleaners told to reapply for jobs; Centrelink use labour hire to chase welfare debts; Queensland apprentices owed $100 million; Cops with military-grade weapons to patrol Darwin; Shoppers find notes from exploited workers in their clothes

Queensland: Campaign against One Nation saves Labor

Labor has managed to hang onto power in Queensland despite early predictions of a One Nation-led right-wing resurgence.

Manus resettlement: Why NZ and PNG aren’t game to defy Australia

Malcolm Turnbull has flatly turned down New Zealand’s offer to take 150 refugees from Manus Island. But why it is Australia that has the power to control everything that happens on Manus?

United strike action can stop Sydney bus privatisation

Although government plans to privatise Sydney’s buses have moved forward, the fight to keep the buses in public hands is not over.

Third Sydney stop work rally as unions take on Turnbull

Thousands of workers in Sydney took illegal strike action on 16 November to rally against the Liberals’ anti-union laws.

Democratic Party a dead end for the anti-Trump rebellion

A slew of Democratic victories in November’s state and local elections have offered hope to those committed to the dead end of reclaiming the party for the left.

The hidden history of the disability rights movement

Defiant Lives, a documentary by Australian filmmaker Sarah Barton, charts the history of a relatively unknown struggle against oppression: the disability rights movement.

Robert Mugabe—from anti-colonial hero to dictator

Charlie Kimber looks at Mugabe’s move from leading the struggle against British colonial rule to authoritarianism and compromise with imperialism

Stalin: embodiment of the counter-revolution

After the ravages of foreign invasion and civil war, Stalin led a counter-revolution in Russia that installed a new class in power and betrayed the ideals of 1917, writes Tom Fiebig

Israel’s 1967 war: Six days that entrenched imperialism

Israel’s war on the Arab states 50 years ago entrenched Western imperialism in the Middle East and led to misery for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, writes Tooba Anwar

Freedom now! Thousands protest brutal end to Manus siege

After three weeks of refugees’ fearless defiance, the 23-day government siege on Manus Island was brutally ended on Friday 24 November.

Shock loss for Lee Rhiannon: Does the left have a future in the NSW Greens?

Lee Rhiannon’s loss in the NSW Greens preselection is a major defeat for the left of the party. There are serious questions being asked about whether the left has a future in the Greens.

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