Issue 99 - Feb

Police still denying justice for Palm Island

Aboriginal people on Palm Island scored a small victory in December with a court finding police guilty of racial discrimination. But killer cop Chris Hurley has still not been brought to justice.

Unions prepare to resist as return of ABCC speeds up

Construction unions are gearing up for a fight, after the Senate approved changes to speed up the re-introduction of the anti-union Australian Building and Construction Commission.

NSW disability workers strike against privatisation

NSW disability support workers have defied a legal order to strike for 24 hours, in a bid to halt the state government’s callous privatisation push.

Centrelink workers join fight against robo debt

Workers at Centrelink are opposing the scandalous “robo-debt” collection process, despite bullying and the threats of action under their Code of Conduct. Whistleblowers have fed crucial information about the scheme to the media.

Sydney College of the Arts shows how to fight the corporate uni

The campaign to save Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) has shown students across the country how to fight an increasingly corporate university system that puts profit before students, staff and quality education.

US eyewitness: resistance to Trump spreading

Crisis after crisis has plagued Donald Trump’s first month in the White House. He has the lowest approval ratings of any incoming president ever recorded.

Trump’s racist shock and awe builds on Obama legacy

Trump’s first days in power produced a sweeping series of executive orders. Most dramatic was his ban on people from seven Muslim majority countries entering the US.

New evidence of ethnic cleansing of Rohingya in Burma

A new UN report reveals the shocking persecution faced by the Rohingya Muslim minority in Burma.

What do we mean by socialism?

Sophie Joo explains what’s wrong with capitalism and why we need a socialist alternative

The February 1917 revolution: How Russian workers toppled a dictator

Russia’s year of revolution began in February with an uprising that brought down the Tsarist regime, writes Feiyi Zhang on the 100th anniversary.

Unity against racism: American Communists and the black struggle

The American Communist Party's work in the 1930s showed how it is possible to win white workers to the fight against racist oppression, argues Adam Adelpour.

Moonlight, a black gay film in hiding from itself

Ffor all the accolades and praise it has received so far, there really isn’t that much to Moonlight. One Guardian review proclaims “Moonlight portrays black gay life in its joy, sadness and complexity”. It’s hard to agree.

As US deal disintegrates, time to #BringThemHere

Although Trump hung up on Turnbull 25 minutes into their famous phone call and tweeted doubts about the deal, Prime Minister Turnbull still says there is a deal to resettle refugees in the US. It's hard to believe him.

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