Issue 114 - May

Esso bosses’ tactics show need to break the rules

Workers at Esso in Gippsland, Victoria have been on the picket line for over 320 days.

How much would a Labor government change the rules at work?

The modest scope of changes Labor wants to make to workplace laws is starting to become clear. The party’s official draft platform, released in preparation for its national conference in July, shows what to expect.

Laws against strike action hit MUA at Patrick

Maintenance workers at Port Botany are coming up against the anti-union Fair Work Commission and anti-strike laws in their bargaining campaign.

Turnbull’s budget delivers more handouts to the rich

The Coalition is handing out personal tax cuts in the hope of boosting their popularity. But their plan was quickly exposed as unfair.

Teachers say no to NAPLAN, and no to Gonski’s testing tool

NAPLAN does not have many friends left, but some of its critics just want more relentless testing. But NAPLAN must be replaced with greater time and respect for teachers, and fully funded public schools, rather than with more tests.

Banking Royal Commission: it’s time to put capitalism on trial

The Banking Royal Commission is showing the reality of capitalism. That is why the Turnbull government opposed it for so long.

Liberals work to resuscitate dying coal plant at Liddell

The Turnbull government in so committed to coal power that it wants to extend the life of the decrepit Liddell power station.

Change sweeps Malaysia as Najib swept from power

Against all odds and despite blatant vote-rigging, the Barisan Nasional coalition which has ruled Malaysia since independence in 1957 was thrashed in the election on 9 May.

Occupations and strikes hit France as students and workers resist Macron

Around 200,000 people took part in demonstrations across France on 1 May as the battle continues against President Emmanuel Macron’s neo-liberal assault.

Lessons of the Paris Commune

In 1871 workers took power in Paris. Their actions taught Karl Marx about the need to dismantle the existing state in order to bring about socialism writes Tom Fiebig

May 1968 in the factories: ‘An unknown world revealed’

Eyewitness accounts of how the factory occupations began at Sud-Aviation, an aircraft factory in Nantes in western France and elsewhere.

May 1968—worker and student revolt that stopped France

May 1968 showed the power of the working class to take control of society—even in the rich countries of the West, argues Miro Sandev

Making a Marx on history—Celebrating 200 years since Karl Marx’s birth

On the anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth, Alex Callinicos looks at the lasting legacy of the great revolutionary

US deal farce as refugees blocked from resettlement

Large-scale rejections on Nauru have revealed the US resettlement deal to be a complete farce. Trump is blocking refugees with nationalities that make up around half of all the refugees on Manus and Nauru from resettlement.

Left hangs on in NSW Greens, but fight against the right far from over

Left-Wing Greens MP David Shoebridge win in the latest Greens NSW pre-selection battle is a welcome reprieve for the left of the NSW party, who have suffered a series of pre-selection defeats over the past two years.

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