Issue 117 - Aug

Turnbull’s power plan won’t cut bills or help the climate

The Turnbull government’s new energy plan, the National Energy Guarantee, is simply an effort to keep coal plants operating as long as possible.

Inside the system

Nation state law exposes Israel as a racist state; The Downer dynasty’s ‘nation building’; Inequality in Australia still increasing; CEO pay highest in 17 years; High end brands destroy millions worth of clothin; NATO plans borderless Europe for tanks

Hamid was killed by Australia: Coroner damns offshore detention

It has taken four years, but the Coronial findings on the death of Hamid Khazaei have delivered a scathing indictment of offshore detention.

Boat turnbacks condemn refugees to poverty and despair in Indonesia

The government’s boat turnback policy is leaving thousands of refugees to rot in Indonesia. They are struggling to survive and have no hope of a future, as next to none will get the chance of resettlement.

Strikes on the rise in New Zealand as workers get sick of waiting for pay rises

Recent months have seen a succession of strikes in New Zealand, following the election of a new Labour government under Jacinda Ardern late last year.

Trump’s European chaos tour will unleash the far right

Focusing on the admittedly bizarre Trump day-to-day can easily lead to underestimating how dangerous he is

Iraq rocked by mass protests over jobs and services

Iraq has been rocked by a wave of angry mass protests. In the last month thousands have protested and stormed government buildings demanding better electricity and water services, jobs, an end to corruption and to the influence of Iran over their politicians.

The Prague Spring of 1968

Russia’s invasion that crushed the mass movement for political reform in Czechoslovakia in 1968 showed the reality of Stalinism in Eastern Europe, argues Miro Sandev

Rape, violence and the fight against the system

Blaming men for sexism and rape obscures the way women’s subordination is structured into capitalism, writes Lucy Honan, and our common interest in fighting it.

Agriculture and the first states

The emergence of agriculture and the first states were among the most dramatic changes in human history. James C. Scott has produced an accessible and thought provoking account of how the first states arose and functioned.

Super Saturday win for Labor: Now step up the fight to get rid of Turnbull

The Super Saturday by-elections were a major blow against Malcolm Turnbull.

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