Issue 120 - Nov

Unionists stop work to Change the Rules—but we can’t rely on Labor

Thousands of unionists walked out of work to join Change the Rules rallies on 23 October in Sydney and Melbourne.

Boom cranes strike into its fourth week

Workers at Boom Logistics cranes in Singleton, Newcastle and Port Kembla were into their fourth week of an indefinite strike as this article was written.

Liberals’ ‘religious freedom’ review backs discrimination against teachers

The Morrison government has refused to commit to ending discrimination against teachers in religious schools, as it struggles to deal with the fallout from the leak of the Liberals’ “Religious Freedoms Review”.

Forced adoptions will rip apart Aboriginal families

The NSW Liberal Government has tabled an outrageous new bill to allow forced adoptions of children in foster care.

Radical solutions needed to save the planet from climate chaos

Climate scientists have warned that global temperature increases must be kept to 1.5 degrees to avoid catastrophic consequences.

Abortion decriminalised in Queensland after 50-year struggle

Queensland has finally decriminalised abortion, after state parliament approved new laws on 17 October. It has taken 50 years of struggle and campaigning.

Backlash against Trump in US elections, but Democrats a dead end

The Democratic Party made big gains in US mid-term elections on 6 November, in what was widely seen as a referendum on Donald Trump.

Brutal murder exposes dictatorship the West backs

The brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has thrown into sharp relief the relationship between the West and the Saudi police state in the Middle East.

Why do the union leaders back Labor?

Union leaders see the Labor Party as a vehicle for their interests in parliament, argues David Glanz, even though Labor ultimately governs in the interests of capitalism

How Russia’s revolution reshaped the Australian left

Adam Adelpour looks at the impact of 1917 on the left and the workers’ movement in Australia

Days of hope: The 1918 German revolution

A revolution in Germany 100 years ago this month rocked Europe’s rulers. Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at how the revolt put workers power on the agenda across Europe.

Resistance needed as far right president wins power in Brazil

Brazil has a far right president after Jair Bolsonaro won 55 per cent in the final run-off election. His surge in support is a product of Brazil’s economic collapse and disillusionment with the Workers’ Party.

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