Issue 128 - Jul

NT government declares open season for gas fracking

Fracking is set to resume in the Northern Territory, with the Territory government finalising a Code of Practice for gas companies.

Fast ferry workers strike against casualisation and low pay

Workers at Manly Fast Ferries in Sydney have staged a series of strikes fighting for better pay, secure jobs and safety.

Liberals put their surplus above jobs and the economy

Scott Morrison went to the election boasting about the “strong economy” that six years of Liberal government had delivered. That claim has already unravelled.

Iran crisis: Why US aggression is to blame

The Trump administration and a coterie of allies—including Australia—are ratcheting up aggression against Iran and another disastrous war in the region shouldn’t be ruled out.

Syriza’s downfall in Greece is a crucial lesson for the left

Greece’s once-radical left-wing party Syriza was booted out of government in elections in early July—after four years of enforcing austerity and racism.

Vietnam and the 1960s student rebellion

The US student movement in the 1960s began by rejecting ideology and the ‘old left’, but was soon forced to grapple with the power of capitalism and the state, says Sophie Cotton

An imperialist outpost in Asia

Clinton Fernandes spoke to Solidarity about his new book on the history of Australian foreign policy, Island off the coast of Asia Your book covers a broad sweep of Australian history...

No Medevac repeal: Break Morrison’s blockade, Bring them here

As expected, in the first sitting of the new Parliament, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton moved to repeal the Medevac Bill.

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