Issue 147 - Apr

‘We are not cattle’—refugees moved again from hotel prison but more protest can free them

The Kangaroo Point hotel prison was closed when the last 19 Medevac refugees there were hastily moved. “We are treated like cattle,” Mo, a Sudanese refugee, told Solidarity.

Liberals’ plan for NDIS cuts stalled—now stop them for good

New NDIS Minister Linda Reynolds has halted plans for compulsory independent assessments for the NDIS.

Myanmar: ongoing resistance defies military crackdown

Three months on, inter-ethnic solidarity is propelling Myanmar towards a federal democracy in a way unimaginable before the coup.

Biden’s spending plans aim to bail out US capitalism

US President Joe Biden’s spending plans have been hailed by some as a dramatic turn to the left. But they are designed above all to restore business profits and the US’s economic power.

Socialism, Biden and the fight for real change in the United States

Following the rise of democratic socialism and the explosive Black Lives Matter protests Clare Lemlich discusses the prospects for the left in the US under Joe Biden’s presidency

Marx, alienation and the working class

Lachlan Marshall examines Karl Marx’s 1844 Manuscripts, where he analysed the alienation of working class life in the developing factory system

Editorial: Morrison exposed by failures on sexism and vaccine rollout—step up the pressure to sack him

Morrison is now behind in the polls and seriously vulnerable. Labor's small target strategy is letting him off the hook but a fightback for workers’ rights, climate action and against sexism could help finish him off.

Cancel culture: How the right defends the indefensible

The powerful who say they stand for ‘free speech’ are trying to snuff out resistance to oppression, writes David Glanz.

Organising at work key to stopping wave of harassment against women

To fight sexual harassment at work, we need to fight for secure and well paid jobs that give women the confidence to stand up to abuse.

Sauce workers taste victory after six-week strike

Workers at the McCormick factory in Melbourne have scored a tremendous victory, beating back their multinational employer after six weeks on strike.

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