Issue 181 - Mar

Student Gaza protest shows challenge ahead

The nationwide “Student Strike for Palestine” on 29 February showed both the potential and the striking amount of work still to be done to win students to taking action over Gaza.

Smears of antisemitism over Palestine ring hollow

As the death toll mounts and hunger stalks Gaza, supporters of Israel are finding it harder to defend the genocide. Instead, they are turning to smearing supporters of Palestine as antisemitic.

Labor’s naval build-up pours billions more into war

In late February, the war-hawk Minister for Defence, Richard Marles, announced Labor would spend an extra $11.1 billion to double the number of Navy surface ships, taking total naval spending in the next decade to an eye-wateringly obscene $54.2 billion.

‘I’m comfortable’ says Albanese as Labor embraces offshore detention

When 39 asylum-seekers were discovered at Beagle Bay, 150 kilometres north of Broome on 19 February, Opposition leader and former offshore detention jailer, Peter Dutton, thought he was on a winner for the Dunkley by-election just a couple of weeks away on 2 March.

Victory for strikers at Egypt’s Mahalla factory

Thousands of workers at Egypt’s Mahalla Spinning and Weaving Company have won pay rises after a week-long strike.

Western alarm as Russia makes gains in Ukraine proxy war

The two-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine was marked by the Russian capture of the strategically important Ukrainian city of Avdiivka.

Fallujah—how the US murdered a city

The US assault on Fallujah in 2004 was one of the US’s worst war crimes in Iraq. Angus Dermody explains how the US set out to crush resistance to foreign occupation

The First Intifada: When Palestinians rose up against Israel

The Palestinian Intifada that began in 1987 exposed the brutality of life under occupation and how Palestinians have no choice but to organise resistance, writes Maeve Larkins.

Gomeroi win in the Federal Court: now kill off gas in the Pilliga

Gomeroi people have won a stunning legal victory over gas giant Santos, as the Federal Court upheld an appeal against a Native Title Tribunal ruling from December 2022.

A new McCarthyism: War and the crackdown on support for Palestine

Repression of Palestine activism echoes the crackdown during previous wars, argue James Supple and Tom Orsag.

ASU members walk off work for Palestine

Union members in social and community services in Melbourne took up to four hours of unprotected strike action for Palestine on Friday 22 February.

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