Why did 73 million vote for Trump?

Despite losing the election, Trump was able to increase his support base significantly on 2016.

A corporate Democrat in the White House won’t end systemic racism and inequality

Virginia Rodino, a socialist and member of Marx21 in Baltimore, spoke at a forum on the election result organised by Solidarity:

Biden’s establishment approach offered voters no solutions

Joe Biden has failed to deliver a decisive victory over Donald Trump in a shockingly close election.

Biden no antidote to Trump’s racism and the far right

Millions across the world are horrified at the chance that Donald Trump could win again in the US presidential election on 3 November.

Virus exposes class inequality of US capitalism

The United States, the world’s richest nation, is struggling to deal with the coronavirus due to decades of government cutbacks and a dysfunctional political system headed by Donald Trump.

Backlash against Trump in US elections, but Democrats a dead end

The Democratic Party made big gains in US mid-term elections on 6 November, in what was widely seen as a referendum on Donald Trump.

US Senators dismiss sexual assault claims to back Kavanaugh

Donald Trump’s nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, has been confirmed to the Supreme Court despite multiple allegations of sexual assault against him.

Trump retreats amid outrage at detention of migrant children

The Trump administration has been forced to partially back down on its “zero tolerance” immigration policy which resulted in the separation of children from their parents at the border. This reversal comes following mass outrage and protests.

Democratic Party a dead end for the anti-Trump rebellion

A slew of Democratic victories in November’s state and local elections have offered hope to those committed to the dead end of reclaiming the party for the left.

Players defy Trump as anti-racist protests sweep the NFL

Football fields, baseball pitches and basketball courts across the US have transformed into the latest political battlegrounds against racism, police violence and President Donald Trump.

Trump abandons climate deal as world dithers on action

Donald Trump’s decision to quit the Paris climate treaty has been condemned worldwide. It means one of the world’s two largest carbon polluters has abandoned the global effort to tackle climate change.

US eyewitness: resistance to Trump spreading

Crisis after crisis has plagued Donald Trump’s first month in the White House. He has the lowest approval ratings of any incoming president ever recorded.

Trump’s racist shock and awe builds on Obama legacy

Trump’s first days in power produced a sweeping series of executive orders. Most dramatic was his ban on people from seven Muslim majority countries entering the US.

Trump’s dangerous games in Asia

Donald Trump’s preparation for office has been laced with a series of threats aimed at China and the US’s NATO allies, underlining the uncertainty his election has injected into global politics.

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