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“The only one of the Ten Commandments that I am confident that I have not broken is the one about killing, and that’s because I haven’t had the opportunity yet.”
Tony Abbott gives us yet another reason not to vote him into office

“You’re dealing with a crazy man. You’re asking what can I do to placate a crazy man? Having got what he wants he will still kill you.”
Nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz on the madness of the market

“Chile has benefited enormously from the free market reforms it passed under dictator Augusto Pinochet.”
The Wall Street Journal says that dictatorships help prepare countries for earthquakes

“At that point one of my friends introduced me, dropping in that I am completing a PhD. At this, Rudd rolled his eyes and in a terse voice lacking any sense of irony remarked that is the ‘excuse’ that ‘all’ young women are using nowadays to avoid starting families.”
Nina Funnell on her experience meeting Rudd after a speech on our ageing population

“The poor will always be with us.”
Abbott on why he would not commit to Rudd’s goal of halving homelessness by 2020

“I probably feel a bit threatened, as so many people do…”
Abbott admits his homophobia on Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes


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Liberals smashed in NSW but little on offer from Labor

Labor has won government in NSW, with a thumping swing of almost 6 per cent ending 12 years of Liberal government.

Safeguards deal still won’t deliver cuts to emissions

The Greens and Labor have struck a deal to pass the climate Safeguard Mechanism bill. While this may restrict the number of new coal and gas projects, it won’t reduce actual emissions—and is a disaster for the climate.

Women, life, freedom—Iran’s uprising six months on

After nearly six months the uprising in Iran—known as Zhina’s uprising after the nickname of Mahsa Amini whose death in police custody triggered the revolt—has begun to die down.



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