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Humorous quotes of the month

“We are God’s gift to the universe.”
A mining magnate explains why they shouldn’t be taxed

“Regret to me means something that you feel that you did wrong, and I don’t have that.”
Former Goldman Sachs partner Dan Sparks to a US Congress hearing investigating the profits the bankers made out of the financial crisis

“It turns out, by the way, that oil rigs today generally don’t cause spills. They are technologically very advanced.”
Barack Obama speaking two weeks before a BP oil rig exploded, killing eleven people. It is one of the worst oil spills ever

“They’re saying it’s not an election year budget. But the fact is it’s an election year. So it’s a budget in an election year, an election year budget.”
Senator Nick Xenophon points out the obvious

“What I say to people on the doorstep is we will only cut your throat slowly; the others will cut your head off.”
British Labour MP Ronnie Campbell makes the case for his party

“Tony Abbott is really keen on embryos but not so keen on them when they turn into brown people on boats.”
Sacked Age columnist Catherine Devany lists this as one of her proudest quotes



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The Minns government has shown no sign of backing down from their paltry pay offer of 10.5 per cent over three years for all nurses and midwives.

Defend Boris Kagarlitsky and the Russian anti-war movement

The Boris Kagarlitsky International Solidarity Campaign calls on the left around the world to demand an end to the unlawful imprisonment of Russians who oppose the war on Ukraine.

Defend the CFMEU—no government administration, end the union bashing

Construction bosses and both state and federal Labor governments have seized on the opportunity to launch an attack on one of the strongest unions in the country.