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She was being unpleasant and it was my way of saying “Stop being a bitch”.
Julie Bishop, the Foreign Minister and the only woman in Cabinet, explaining why she famously made a cat’s claw gesture to Julia Gillard.

I don’t think I am posh. But I have always been interested in fashion… I started wearing Armani suits when I was in law.
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, who also wears Kailis pearls

Business rebalancing.
David Thodey, CEO of Telstra, explains plans for 1100 job cuts

I don’t really like talking about expenses. Politicians can’t win on this issue and given my experience, I am past taking another beating on the issue. So talking about it makes me a masochist.
Former Howard government minister Peter Reith, who notoriously charged taxpayers thousands for his phone bills

Sometimes it is necessary to do bad things to prevent terrible things from happening.
NSW Liberal MP Peter Phelps endorsing the rape, murder and torture used by Augusto Pinochet in the 1973 coup in Chile

If someone else wants to pay half a trip … which is basically what Gina Rinehart did, then it’s actually made it cheaper for the taxpayer.
Barnaby Joyce on how kind Gina Rinehart was to pay for half his holiday, and taxpayers the rest

Look, I have thought about it overnight and, quite frankly, my judgment at the time was that what I did was appropriate and I still think it was appropriate.
Coalition Minister Philip Ruddock thinks it was fine for us to pay for him to go to Peter Slipper’s wedding

It takes me to towns and communities, sometimes hamlets, that very rarely see a politician.
Tony Abbott on why it is fair to charge taxpayers for his travel for sporting events


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