Jobs with justice – speaking tour

Melbourne Anti-Intervention collective forum
Jobs with Justice

With guest speaker Peter Inverway from Kalkarinji, Northern Territory

Friday 11th of June, 6:30pm, Trades Hall, corner Victoria Parade and Lygon Street
Peter Inverway is an Aboriginal worker from Kalkaringi in the Northern Territory. Kalkaringi is on Gurindji land, site of the famous Wave Hill walk-off. The policies of the Northern Territory Intervention mean that Peter instead of being paid wages, Peter, like other Aboriginal workers across the territory, is only paid the equivalent of NewStart (dole) payments through Centrelink. Half this pay­ment is quarantined onto a ‘BasicsCard’ which can only be spent at certain shops. Come along to this forum to hear from Peter why the Intervention policies need to go, and what kind of jobs and services are needed across the NT.


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