Welcome to our new site

Welcome to Solidarity’s new website. The site aims to be a resource where you can read our analysis of news and events, stay up to date with what’s happening within social movements and delve deeper into the history of resistance, Marxist theory and debates on the left.

Solidarity publishes a monthly magazine, and the full text of the print version will appear on the website shortly after printing. But in addition we will add regular web updates on major developments in Australian and global politics.

In particular we aim to give voice to the grassroots social movements and union work our group is involved in, by posting reports on major public meetings, protests and events. In addition to written reports we will be adding photos and audio to help bring these campaigns to life. The site is also designed as a portal into upcoming protests and events so that you can stay up to date with these campaigns, as well as Solidarity’s own events.

We hope you will come back to the site regularly over the next few months as it gets going. We also want your feedback on our articles and how we can improve the site generally. But most importantly we hope the site helps build the struggles we are part of, and the growth of radical and socialist organisation within them.


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Pressure gets to Albanese as anger at genocide complicity grows

The pressure from eight months of protests is getting to the government. Albanese has launched a wild series of attacks on Palestine protests and The Greens.

Wider support needed to force universities to break ties with...

The Gaza solidarity encampment at the University of Sydney has rejected an offer from management designed to have the camp clear out “and not resume”.

Construction workers walk off to support ANU encampment

Construction workers walked off the job at ANU in Canberra to support the Gaza solidarity encampment after a series of threats from the university.