Issue 96 - Nov

Strikes not arbitration needed in public service

Workers in Immigration and Border Protection are headed to compulsory arbitration, after three years of bargaining across the federal public sector where there government has refused to even negotiate.

Bring them all here—Kill Turnbull’s refugee ban bill

Just when you thought that the Coalition could not be any more grubby, Malcolm Turnbull has announced that he intends to ban any refugee or asylum seeker sent to an offshore processing centre after 19 July 2013 from ever coming to Australia.

Word games won’t work to shift opinion on refugees

In 2015, the Melbourne-based Asylum Seeker Resource Centre commissioned a major research project, “To find a better way to talk about people seeking asylum". However, we cannot duck the difficult questions like deaths at sea or the talk of people smuggling networks.

SCA occupiers out after 65 days of disruption

Police have ended the student occupation of the Dean’s Office and Admin building at Sydney College of the Arts after 65 days. But the fight to save the art school is not over.

Right’s crusade to let hate speech off the leash resumes

The Australian newspaper has reopened the campaign to scrap section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act following a complaint against its cartoonist Bill Leak.

Turnbull takes up Abbott’s attack on renewable energy

Malcolm Turnbull has not just adopted Abbott’s policies on climate change, he is taking them further, as his government wages war on renewable energy in the wake of the September state-wide blackout in South Australia.

Trump’s foul sexism mirrors the sexism of the system

The outrage against Donald Trump’s revolting sexism has dealt a possibly fatal blow to his presidential campaign.

Imperialist powers feed Syria’s war

Russia and the Assad regime are continuing their horrific campaign of carpet bombing against Aleppo.

Mass protests defeat anti-abortion law in Poland

Mass protests and a “women’s strike” forced Poland’s right-wing government to back down on anti-abortion legislation in October.

Who were the Black Panthers?

The Black Panther Party inspired millions of black Americans to stand up to racism, argues Matt Meagher, but their strategy for revolution wasn’t up to the task

Nationalism and the end of White Australia

Although Australian nationalism has changed to try to incorporate a multiracial nation, the culture of White Australia remains dominant, argues James Supple

NT Royal Commission—Fund Aboriginal services to stop abuse of kids

More shocking evidence of abuse of Aboriginal children at the hands of both the “juvenile justice” and “child protection” systems has emerged through Royal Commission hearings in the Northern Territory.

‘Poofter bashing’ was a sport, and police were in the game

A swathe of murders rocked the LGBT community in Sydney in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. So it was encouraging when SBS announced a series, Deep Water, focusing on the killings. The drama, however, is extremely disappointing.

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