Issue 97 - Dec

Despite the US deal, we still need to Bring Them Here

For two days at the end of November, pro-refugee protests disrupted the final parliamentary sitting.

Tamil asylum seekers targeted under ‘fast track’ laws

In early November activists rallied in Brisbane to highlight the plight of Tamil asylum seekers and the threat to return them to danger in Sri Lanka.

Labor’s attack on 457 workers is racist scapegoating

Bill Shorten has stepped up his attack on 457 visas in the wake of Trump’s election in the US.

Anti-union ABCC is back, but where was the fight?

The Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) is set to return, with the aim of breaking the power of the construction unions.

Aboriginal child removals feeding profits and prisons

A Royal Commission into the “juvenile justice” and “child protection” systems in the Northern Territory, sparked by revelations of torture in the Don Dale detention centre, continues to reveal stories of horrendous abuse. Meanwhile, a further Four Corners investigation has shone the spotlight on violence kids are suffering in residential care.

Trump’s win shows the danger of racist right

Trump’s victory has sent shock and disbelief across the world. His election has emboldened Pauline Hanson and far right parties everywhere.

Report from the US: Wave of protests show hope for resisting Trump

Trump’s election is being met with a wave of resistance all over the US. Angry marches blocked downtown LA every evening the week after the election.

Trump’s protectionism no way to save jobs

One of Trump’s key pledges was to tear up trade deals, condemning them for sending American jobs offshore.

Duterte pivots from US to China to play off both powers

After months of growing tension between the Philippines and the US, Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte announced in late October he was cutting ties with the US, one of the Philippine’s closest allies, and leading a pivot towards China.

Fidel Castro: 1926-2016

History must judge him both as the freedom fighter whose defiance humiliated US imperialism and as the ruler of a repressive, unequal society.

NDIS: market policies no answer to crisis in disability

The introduction of the NDIS is being used to privatise services and drive down workers’ wages and conditions.

75 years since Pearl Harbour: How the US pushed Japan towards war

The war in the Pacific began 75 years ago with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. But it was fundamentally a war between two powers for dominance of Asia, writes Tom Orsag

We have to talk about Gonski: Let’s have a real fight for public education

The Gonski funding model allows the divide in education to continue, and does not challenge the flawed testing regime, argues Lucy Honan

Ford exposes a sexist society, but how do we fight it?

Feminist and media personality Clementine Ford’s first book Fight Like a Girl has gained enormous attention since its publication in October.

Instrument of power: How Mitchell’s Australian shaped a ruling class agenda

It’s often said that journalism is the first rough draft of history. But when a book is by a very senior Murdoch journalist, you have to wonder whose history...

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