Issue 98 - Jan

Coroner goes soft on cops in Ms Dhu killing

The coroner investigating the death of indigenous woman Ms Dhu in Western Australia has decided not to call for criminal charges against police and other officials involved in her killing.

Left inside Greens must fight for an activist party

The formation of the Left Renewal faction, to begin organising against the right inside the NSW Greens, has exposed the ongoing battle between left and right inside the party.

Teachers defy threats to take a stand for refugees

Hundreds of teachers across NSW and Victoria wore t-shirts carrying the slogans “Teachers for Refugees; Close the Camps, Bring them Here” during Human Rights week in December. Despite threats from federal and state governments, we wore them to class, at lunch time, or before school, and found ways to make sure the school community could see our message.

No end to the horror: death, violence and uncertainty stalks Manus Island

On Christmas Eve, Faysal Ishak Ahmed, a 27-year-old Sudanese refugee, died in Brisbane a day after being medivacced from Manus Island.

Relief at CUB but boycott campaign no model

In December, electricians and fitters at the Carlton and United Breweries, known as the “CUB 55”, won a return to work on their previous wages and similar conditions.

Murdoch Uni’s brazen assault on staff

As the holiday wind down began last December, management at Murdoch University in Western Australia delivered a nasty Christmas surprise that could have drastic implications for university workers across the country.

Divided over how to continue Israel’s occupation

A dispute over illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territory has exposed tensions between the US and Israel.

Mass protests continue to rock South Korea

Protesters brought in the New Year in South Korea with another mass protest to demand the immediate resignation of President Park Geun-hye. One million people protested in the capital Seoul with many staying after midnight.

Josh Cullinan: ‘We needed a union for retail and fast food that would fight’

Solidarity spoke to Josh Cullinan, secretary of the newly-established Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

New union no short-cut to mobilising the rank-and-file

A fight against the SDA and employers is entirely justified. But setting up a new bureaucracy is no quick-fix for the terrible situation retail and fast food workers find themselves in. What is essential is struggle organised from the rank-and-file.

Syria: the defeat of a popular revolution

While the most powerful forces in Syria are now the ruthless dictatorship and reactionary armed groups, the echo of the popular revolution is still visible, writes James Supple

Murder at Myall Creek—whitewashing the real history of the massacre

Because there were two trials of the men responsible for the Myall Creek massacre, it is perhaps the most well documented atrocity in the long, genocidal war against Aboriginal people that stretched into the 20th century.

Trump’s dangerous games in Asia

Donald Trump’s preparation for office has been laced with a series of threats aimed at China and the US’s NATO allies, underlining the uncertainty his election has injected into global politics.

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