Issue 121 - Dec

Morrison narrowly avoids defeat in parliament, but cracks in offshore detention widen

Kerryn Phelps’ attempt to pass the Urgent Medical Treatment Bill amendments has stalled in the Senate.

Stop Adani, funding for renewables and green jobs now

Thousands joined the school student strike for climate on 30 November. “If you were doing your job properly, we wouldn’t be here,” Deanna Athanosos, a year 10 student, told...

Morrison uses Bourke St attack to spread racism and fear

Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton seized on the Bourke Street attack in Melbourne to scapegoat the Muslim community and try to whip up a new terrorism scare.

Forced adoptions will worsen racist child removals

On 22 November, the NSW Liberal Government passed new laws designed to fast track children from the “out of home care” system into forced adoptions.

Australia ‘steps up’ efforts to counter China in the south Pacific

November’s APEC summit in PNG saw the Australian government increase its efforts to buy influence in the Pacific, with a raft of announcements designed to counter China.

Morrison’s Jerusalem move sparks international blowback

During the Wentworth by-election campaign, amongst growing fears that the government would lose the seat, Scott Morrison raised the possibility of moving Australia’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Crisis for Tories as vote on Brexit looms

A crisis has struck at the heart of British Prime Minister Theresa May’s government and the Tories.

China’s Uighur repression exposed

China is currently detaining close to one million mostly Uighur people and subjecting them to “re-education” camps.

A mine worth killing for: Australia’s bloody war in Bougainville

Thirty years on, Tom Orsag looks at how Australia funded the PNG government’s ruthless war to crush resistance to the Panguna mine in Bougainville

Ten years since the financial crisis: Is capitalism headed for another crash?

Ten years on, the world economy has not fully recovered from the 2008 crash, writes Adam Adelpour, and levels of global debt are again at record highs

Calling out the dead end of ‘smug’ identity politics

Jeff Sparrow’s Trigger Warnings argues that the left’s abandonment of mass organising and its commitment to identity politics has allowed the right to gain ground in the US and Australia.

Teachers step up the pressure as hundreds walk off work for refugee rights

A fantastic 200 hundred teachers from more than 50 schools across Victoria, and 150 teachers from 20 schools in Brisbane, walked out to protest against the offshore detention of refugees, yesterday.

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