Issue 125 - Apr

Fight over Manus and Nauru far from finished

The last six years of the Coalition has taken refugee scapegoating to new levels. But voting Green or Labor is not going to end offshore detention, nor end mandatory detention.

Unions and Aboriginal people unite to save Deebing Creek

A developer has backed down and allowed the protest camp at Deebing Creek to remain after unionists and Aboriginal people united to hold off police

How could Labor lose the NSW election?

The Liberals have held on to government in NSW, winning a narrow majority in parliament after Labor slumped following a disastrous final week of the campaign for Labor’s Michael Daley.

Jacinda Ardern has pandered to racism too, says New Zealand activist

Joe Carolan, an activist with Love Aotearoa Hate Racism and member of Socialist Aotearoa, spoke about racism in New Zealand in the aftermath of the Christchurch massacreAfter the horror...

People power protests in Algeria topple dictator

Mass protests in Algeria have forced 82-year-old dictator Abdelaziz Bouteflika to resign after 20 years in power. Since 22 February, protesters have taken to the streets every Friday to...

British parliament inept and paralysed in Brexit farce

Michael Roth, Germany’s Europe minister, recently called Brexit a “big shitshow”.The show continues with no end in sight after British Tory Prime Minister Theresa May failed at her third attempt...

Winning a 100 per cent renewable revolution

The transition to 100 per cent renewable energy could happen by 2030, writes Chris Breen, but will require far more ambition than either Labor, let alone the Liberals, will muster

The Comintern—launching a global movement for revolution

One hundred years ago a small meeting in Russia founded the Third or Communist International, winning millions of supporters within months, writes Tom Orsag

Editorial: Kick the Liberals out and start the fight for real change

Between now and 18 May we need more mass stopwork rallies and demonstrations to kick out the Coalition government on the best possible terms.

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