Issue 145 - Feb

Labor still in retreat as Albanese charts road to nowhere

Pressure is building on leader Anthony Albanese as Labor faces the prospect of another election defeat.

Casuals win against wage theft at the University of Melbourne

Union members at the University of Melbourne have dealt a massive blow against systemic wage theft.

Militant fight shuts down scab operation on the waterfront

In a decisive victory, Ausport lines workers (who tie up vessels in port) have forced a non-union operator in Port Botany to shut up shop in just nine days.

Don’t expect serious change from Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s first moves on the economy and climate change have been bolder than some expected. But they are full of indications that he has no plans to challenge big business or the rich.

Indian farmers revolt against Modi’s neo-liberal laws

Under the cover of the pandemic, India’s hard right Prime Minister Narendra Modi has passed new laws which farmers describe as “Kaale Kanoon”—laws which bring darkness. A huge farmers’...

Pearl Gibbs—women, workers and the fight for Aboriginal rights

Pearl Gibbs’ experiences of Depression-era unemployment and segregation helped inspire her fight against racist discrimination, writes Matilda Fay

The case for socialism

In this extract from his new pamphlet, David Glanz explains what’s wrong with capitalism and the necessity of socialist revolution

As more Medevac refugees released, protests continue to demand: Free them all on permanent visas

As protests gather momentum, up to 70 Medevac refugees, and others transferred from Nauru, were expected to be freed in the first two days of March.

Facebook v Murdoch—Battle of the media giants tramples voices of dissent

The decision by Facebook to ban news from feeds in Australia took millions by surprise and highlighted the company’s power to control what we see.

Victorian lockdown highlights gaps in public health system

The snap Victorian lockdown in response to a COVID cluster at the Holiday Inn at Melbourne airport marks a further failure of the state’s under-resourced public health system.

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